PS3 Slimline: Sleek And Eco-friendly

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With today’s modern technology that we are in, the use of computers, tablet PCs, mobile phones, and modern gaming consoles are is inevitable. In general, the use of these modern electronic gadgets made our energy usage increases and we all know that it is not favorable to the environment. However, designers never run out of ideas and have created eco-friendly gadgets and the ps3 slimline is just one of them. Aside from being a space saver, the PS3 Slimline also uses less power at 250W. In this little green feature, users will get able to help save the earth through the use of less energy while enjoying the same modern technology gaming pleasure.

PS3 Slimline

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Echo Toddler Bed: Will take care of your kid and the environment

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We want our kids safe and comfortable always even if they are just in their respective bedrooms. For a safety kids bedroom furniture, have an Echo Toddler Bed in your kids’ rooms. It has soft contours and is made of 100% Solid FSC certified maple making it not only a fashionable and modern bedroom furniture but also an eco-friendly one. In addition, the Echo Toddler Bed is also finished with a non-toxic wood oil in Kalon Studios. With the eco-friendly features that the Echo Toddler Bed has, surely, it will not only take care of your kids but of the environment as well.

Echo Bed

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Remove acne with homemade acne treatment or with Therapores

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When it comes to treating acne with care to the environment in mind, home remedies always comes first. You can easily treat acne and prevent it from coming back with various acne treating ingredients you have at home like your tomato, cucumber, nutmeg, and more. In this way, you are treating your acne naturally, thus less if not zero carbon emission and energy usage. On the other hand, if you are too busy to prepare your home remedy for you acne or do not have time to follow instructions that home remedy has, you can opt to go for processed acne treatment like the therapores.


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Sardine Paper Clip will keep your files in an eco-friendly way

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We all know that keeping our files in order would require us some supplies like paper clips and the like to make it successful. We have been trough with metal paper clips and go with the coated ones for added style. It could be even more stylish if our paper clips come in stylish designs or forms like the Sardine Paper Clips. The Sarsdine Paper Clips come in a sardine design and are stored in a reusable sardine tin, which will bring good result to the environment aside from keeping our files in a stylish manner. In addition, the sardine paper clip will surely remind us of our sea creatures.

Sardine Paper Clip

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Tips for an eco-friendly fashion

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Eco-friendly fashion has started to gain attention nowadays. Fashionistas are starting to become environmentally aware of the clothes they are wearing. If you were in the same boat with many of todays’s eco-friendly fashionistas, then you probably would find below tips helpful.

• Make sure that farmers were not using pesticides in protecting the growth of textiles used in your desired clothing.
• Bleach free textiles will be safer.
• Clothing made from recycled or old clothes can also be elegant and fashionable.

It does not matter whether you are looking for you uniform like your nursing uniforms if you are a nurse, or party dress and so on, choosing for sustainably sourced or manufactured clothing will do good to the environment.

Nursing Uniform

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