Preventing pimples is better than removing it

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If you are looking for ways on how to remove pimples in an eco-friendly way, why not try to prevent them instead of removing them. I think, it is more eco-friendly if we try to prevent pimples from occurring than using those pimple removers with harsh chemicals that are harmful to our health and of course to the environment. A few of the best ways to prevent pimples from occurring is regular washing of face using water and mild soap, preventing hair from touching our face, good night sleep, stress-free lifestyle, and a good balance and healthy diet including enough intake of fruits and vegetables.

Pim[le Removal

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Save trees through electronic documents

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Paper documents though important and safe to the environment can be more eco-friendly when stored electronically. With the help of reliable document management software, keeping your electronic documents in order will be as easy as a snap. In this way, you will be using less paper, thus less tress to be cut and our forest and the environment will be preserved. Surely, there will be no more landslide and extreme heat when summer comes. We all know that trees can prevent soil erosion and give fresh air and refreshing shade during summer. In addition, document management software also provides easy access to our documents.

Document Management Software

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Solvinden: Solar powered outdoor lamps that will decorate and save

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IKEA is a known company when it comes to home furniture pieces, decors, and more. Today, their products are not only unique and lovely but also eco-friendly and thus, safe to the environment. The Solvinden Lamps are just a few of the eco-friendly lamps the IKEA have in their store shelves. The lamps come in different catchy and lively colors of black, turquoise, lime green, and white making it easy for every consumer to find one that suits well for their home interior design. Being a solar powered lamp, each of the Solvinden lamps features three rechargeable solar batteries and a built-in LED bulb.

Solvinden Lamp

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The pros and cons of inpatient and outpatient substance abuse treatment program

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Drug addiction is almost common to our youths today, which resulted for many parents looking for solution in treating their beloved youths. Wherever you may go all around the globe, there are institutions offering substance outpatient and inpatient substance abuse treatment program. Before choosing between the two, let us know the pros and cons of each particularly to the environment. Outpatient treatment program will surely require parents to drive back and forth every now and then for the treatment session, which will surely produce so much carbon emission and will not bring good effect to the environment. Inpatient on the other hand works the other way around. If you are into saving the environment while treating your youth, the inpatient treatment program surely works best for you.

inpatient substance abuse treatment

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Enjoy Easter Sunday with your kids safely with Eco-Eggs Easter Egg Coloring Kit

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The Holy Week is near. This is the season where Roman Catholics and other Christians commemorate the crucifixion of the savior Jesus Christ. The week starts with the celebration of the Palm Sunday and end with the celebration of Easter Sunday wherein Easter egg hunt is a common activity. However, instead of hunting, why not enjoy the Easter eggs by painting. The Eco-egg is an Easter Egg coloring kit that is safe for your kids and to the environment. The kit features fruit and vegetable dyes, thus non-toxic and uses no chemical that can harm the kids and the environment.


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