Southridge Capital Management

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Southridge Capital Management. 529 planning can be described as that state sponsored that plan parents and guardians use to save up money for their children’s future college education from an early age. The 529 planning works in different ways that enables parents to choose the plan that is suitable for their current needs and wants. So how does the 529 planning actually work? First you as the parent of guardian will choose which plan works best for you. Choosing the best 529 plan can be done from any state as the plan does restrict one from choosing within their residential state only but also from other state.

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Curiousity doesn’t kill

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You see them almost everywhere: in print, on the billboards on your way to and from work, and on TV.Advertisements about Hollywood blockbusters continue to sprout like mushrooms in nearly every possible nook and cranny.You can count with the fingers on your hand the number of what you might call really quality movies.The rest are, for lack of a better word, mediocre.It’s somewhat sad to note that the movies which are worth watching simply drift by us, without us even noticing.The reality is, some good movies don’t have enough budget to go full blast with advertising, as compared to those run-of-the-mill Hollywood flicks.

Luckily, Tiger beer joined forces with the noteworthy magazine Vice, and came up with a stellar project called “The Found Series”.This is a series of three documentaries which seek to explore how interesting people lead creative lives.Episode 1 entitled Lightship95, for instance, tells the story of how Ben Phillips masterfully transforms a 500 tonne moored vessel into a recording studio for artists and bands.

This was supported by the Know The Not Known campaign.This project aims to draw curiosity from consumers, and eventually reward them for it.For instance, consumers are encouraged to look for Tiger references in the campaign artwork.If successful, they are granted exclusive access to events and special offers.In this case, curiosity doesn’t kill the cat.

The fun doesn’t end there.Empire magazine collaborates with Tiger beer to come up with a series of films called “Undiscovered Treasures”.A hundred lucky individuals will get to see quality films at no less than London ’s Soho Hotel.

Don’t miss out by visiting their Facebook page or you can likewise have a taste of some more fun on the Tiger beer and Get Me partnership by viewing this video:



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Viral video by ebuzzing

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Improve your golf gaming experience with GPS golf course maps

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If you think that GPS is for vehicle and travel use, then you definitely have not yet met gps golf course maps. This technology gadget for golf players is an important tool to improve their golf gaming experience. Some players provide their own GPS golf course maps while there are also some golf courses take the initiative to provide one for their players. Through GPS golf course maps, players can order foods and/or drinks, gets weather alert and have a two-way communication with other golfers or the course staffs. This gadget can even turn into an income generating gadget, as one can use it as an advertising medium for their products and services.

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Things to consider in finding the right sunglasses

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Sunglasses are not just for fashion purposes but for eye-protection to direct sunlight as well. Finding for the right sunglasses requires many considerations and not just simply good brands like julbo sunglasses.

One of the most important things to consider when buying a pair of sunglass is the lens.

Glass – a glass lens provides superior clarity and is highly resistant to scratches. However, it is a little heavier and expensive.

NXT polyurethane on the other hand is impact-resistant yet expensive. While the polycarbonate lens is affordable and less bulky but is less clear and less resistant to scratches. Another lens material is the acrylic, which is affordable and best for casual and occasional use. It is however less durable.

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Dan Newlin

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Dan Newlin Info

Auto insurance is something that is involved in many people’s daily lives. The truth is that insurance policies are often complex and difficult to fully comprehend. One of the most complex areas in an auto insurance policy is the explanation of No-Fault benefits and Personal Injury Protection (PIP).

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