Hollywood Celebs Go Green

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Reading the latest celebrity news, more and more Hollywood celebrities become advocates of the environment. Celebs go green in many ways, they change their lifestyle to promote the green-living advancement. Among the celebs who are known to be staunch advocates of saving mother earth is the 1960’s actor Ed Begley. He is for alternative energy solutions, in fact he does a 10-minute bike ride to power his toaster.

Another celebrity who started to be “green conscious” is Leonardo DiCaprio who created a foundation in 1988 promoting issues that concern the environment. He also drives hybrid car to do his share in saving the environment.

The list of celebrities could go on, since they are influential people it is easy for them to promote taking care of the environment to their fans and followers.

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Types of Ecofriendly Cars

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Almost everyone and everything has gone green; it goes to show that people are becoming more aware on the current state of the environment. Even car manufacturers decided to go green as well. A car may use victor rims for the tires or possess a dent-free body but it could be much better if it is designed to be eco-friendly. If you are not yet familiar on the types of earth friendly vehicles, here are the most common types:

  • Hybrid vehicles – the most common and most affordable earth friend cars, it utilizes battery and gas for its propulsion.
  • Electric vehicles – are those cars which use hydrogen-powered batteries, it lowers fuel cost too.
  • Alternative fuel vehicles – these cars run using natural gas, ethanol or biodiesel. The biodiesel is bio-degradable too.
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Going Green and Living Healthy

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Green living is more than saving money and taking care of the environment. Following a green lifestyle is also a way to live healthy. The benefits of greener lifestyle would give you:

  • A healthy heart, by eating the right kind of foods and proper exercise there is no need for regular ecg check ups.
  • It will also give you a healthy diet because your food intake would only include organic foods.
  • Bottled water may not be as green and healthy as you think. Water is healthy but the bottle used may contain chemicals. The healthiest option would be drinking well-filtered tap water.
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Benefits of Electric Fireplaces

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Aside from generating heat during the winter season, the fireplace adds an aesthetic value to the house. If you are used to the traditional fireplaces where woods are burnt and smoke directly goes out of the chimney, the electric fireplace is different. It is the modernized version where the light bulbs create an illusion of real flames.

There are several advantages of  using electric fireplaces in replacement of the traditional ones. One of the benefits is not having to worry where to look for fireplace inserts like wood. With the electric fireplace, as the name depicts is run by electricity so there is no need to look for woods.

The ability to control the flame is another great advantage of using the electric type of fireplace. Unlike with the traditional fireplace where you will have a hard time starting and turning the fire off. There is no need to chop trees to get fireplace wood logs too. It is a great way of saving the environment.

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Eco-friendly Exercise Tips

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Exercise is one of the best and natural way to lose weight. Even while doing your daily exercise, you can help save the Earth by simply greening your exercise routine.

  • To keep you hydrated during your rigid exercise, you need a lot of drinking water; try a reusable water bottle instead of buying bottled water daily.
  • To help boost your energy, you need to eat energy giving foods but this time go organic. Eat organic granola bars and cereal and homemade smoothie.
  • As for your workout attire, choose the ones made from organic cotton, bamboo or natural fabric.
  • Encourage your gym to be eco-friendly too by purchasing eco-friendly gym equipment and yoga mats.

Adapt these tips in your daily lifestyle, you will not only be losing weight but you will be helping out the environment too.


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