Eco-friendly Home Ideas

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Instead of simply renovating your quick step floors, why not consider incorporating eco-friendly home ideas to your own home too. Here are some of the things that you can do:

  • Install solar panels too! You would not believe how much money are you going to save if you invest on these solar panels.
  • Use light motion detectors instead of outdoor lighting. The outdoor lighting are kept on all night while motion detectors light up either through motion sensors or timer.
  • Consider roof improvements by recoloring your roofs or shingles. Research showed that light colored roofs help decrease temperature.
  • Setup a compost file in your backyard. You can mix food wastes, egg shells and spoiled veggies with dirt and turn it into something that is very useful..
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What is Precycling?

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What is precyling? Based on Thesaurus Oxford English, the “pre” means before. Thus precycing could mean before recycling or it can also be preventing recycling. How is precycling done? Quite simple, you only need to take a little action before recycling happens. Here are some of the precycling tips that you may find very useful:

  • Buy less disposable items such as diapers, napkins and towels. Opt to use items which are made of cloth so there is no need to dispose stuff; all you need to do is to wash them.
  • When you go to grocery, it is better to bring your own bag rather than use plastic bags. In this manner, you are preventing the recycling process of plastics because you will just reuse your bag every time.
  • Buy long life products such as bulbs and batteries. This will prevent having more of these products ending up in the landfill.
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Environment Friendly Activities for the Family

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Nature tripping is one of the best ways to expose yourself and your kids to the beauty of nature. In fact eco-tour is a good way to promote environmental awareness. It teaches kids about ecology and its importance to maintain the balance of all living things here on Earth.

If there is no eco-tour available, a simple visit at the park is also an environment friendly activity. That is if you will teach your kids to be responsible when it comes to their rubbish. When going to a protected park, make it appoint that you stick with the rules and regulations. When your kids see you obeying rules even if no one is looking, you also impart this very important value to them.

You and your kids can support any environmental conservation project within your community. You can either provide monetary donations to support their cause. Or better yet, encourage your kids to help in information dissemination campaign.

These activities will definitely help in conserving the environment. It is also a worthy family bonding activity that your kids will always remember.

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Help Save Mother Earth

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Our lonely planet is in bad need for fresh air. All the harmful pollutions have been choking her to death. These pollutions are also slowly stripping Mother Earth of her ozone layer. As parents, we can do our share to save Mother Earth.

For instance, do not allow your kids to free their balloons in mid-air. It is because these balloons would get into the ocean and for the sea turtles these airless colourful balloons will look like yummy jellyfish.

Admit it or not, most moms are pack-rats. This can be helpful if you know how to reuse and recycle all the stuff that you hoard inside your closet. As much as possible, it is better to purchase things that you really need. Of course, eat the foods that you are capable of eating to avoid wastage.

Lastly, parents can teach their kids to be kind to trees. Take time to read to kids a poem which was written by Helen Keller about trees, so that they will know its importance to the environment.

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