Small eco friendly changes in your shopping routines will help the environment, and your lifestyle will be greener when you learn how to shop the eco friendly way. The following tips can get you started to a new lifestyle.

Stay near Home to Shop

market, fresh food, shoppingShopping local is one way to shop green. Buying from local shops or online can have a large impact on the environment since you will not have as far to commute, which will mean using less fuel to pollute the world. In addition, if you are shopping for food, you can buy fresh produce and vegetables from a local grower to prevent getting the added chemicals that are used for processing packaged foods. Since local products will not need shipping to a shop near your home, it will save more pollution as well. However, if you must travel out of the area for your shopping, you can carpool with others to save on fuel and pollution. (Image credit:

Recyclable Containers

When shopping, look for items that are in recyclable containers or packages. For instance, glass containers are recyclable, and glass can be recycled many times making it an eco friendly product. Some packaging will be labelled with a recycling sticker to inform you that it is an acceptable container for recycling. In addition, some plastic containers are easier to recycle than others are. Therefore, labels can offer you information to help you choose the right product.

Forget Buying Pre-packaged Foods, Buy Fresh foods

Pre-packaged foods are processed with chemicals to preserve the flavours. Fresh foods are healthier and processed with fewer chemicals. If you can locate organic produce, you will have a better food choice, and eco friendly foods are less harsh on the environment. For instance, it takes many resources to package, process and ship food to the shops. Some packaging is made too large for the products, and this wastes resources that could be used for other things.

Use Reusable Bags

tote bags, reusable bags, personalized tote bags, personalized reusable bags, shopping, eco friendlyToo many plastic bags are thrown away each year, and these bags can be harmful if not disposed of properly. Therefore, using recyclable or reusable bags is the eco friendly way to shop. You can take your own tote bags to the shops to carry your items home in, and these bags can be used more than once. You can find shopping bags in different sizes to fit your lifestyle. Some are compact enough to fold down and store in a woman’s purse or a man’s pants pocket, which allows you to have a bag when you need it for shopping.

Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk will save on the resources it takes for packaging items. Individually wrapped packages will take more materials to prepare, and these materials can make an impact on your earth. For instance, for less waste and packaging, you can buy juice in large containers for the kids, instead of the individual bottles.

It is simple to make these lifestyle changes when shopping, but it can make a huge impact on the earth’s future. Therefore, you need to find eco friendly ways to shop to save the earth’s environment.