When living in an apartment, you often don’t have the luxury of extra space. In what seems like an instant, your living space can become extremely cluttered and unmanageable. If you live in an apartment and feel like you have run out of space, consider these space-saving ideas.

Consider Binning Style Shelving

Binning style shelving is particularly useful in kitchens. You can use them as make-shift pantries, as additional pantry space or to house a live herb garden. You can get as creative as you’d like. Plastic display bins and brackets can be purchased from storage specialists like Elbowroom, and can be customised to fit your apartment.

Invest in Storage Shelves

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Wall-mounted shelves

There are a variety of storage shelves on the market today made from materials such as wood, plastic and metal. Metal shelving, while looking quite industrial, can look very modern and chic in an apartment. You can use your shelving to hold books, ornaments, DVDs, video games and other bric-a-bracs, which tend to litter your clean surfaces. If you don’t have room for standing shelves, you may want to consider wall-mounted shelves. (image credit: downsizemyspace.com)

Utilise all Surfaces

No matter how small an apartment is, there is always unutilised wall space. The best way to make use of this wall space is by using hooks and brackets that mount the wall. You can hang just about anything on your walls. In the kitchen you can hang kitchen utensils, in the study you can hang charger cables, and in your bedroom you can hang jewellery and accessories. Of course any metal surfaces, such as a fridge, metal shelving units or even metal behind your wall, can also be used to hang things if you buy magnetised hooks.

Make Furniture Serve Double Duty

When you are living in an apartment you often can’t afford to have all the furniture you want. For example, in your bedroom, you may only be able to fit one bedside drawer or none at all. This is where you can get creative. Ensure that every piece of furniture serves a dual purpose. For example, have a large chunky piece of artwork that can fold down and become a dining table, and have an ironing board that can fold away when not in use. If you have pets, find a way of incorporating storage around their pet houses or stash your pet’s bowls in a bottom of a drawer, so you can easily stow them out of the way, but are still accessible to your pet when rolled

Create Storage in Seats and Couches

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Storage seats

While some seating is necessary, it is more efficient if your seats and couches also have storage space. These days you can buy barstools, chairs and couches that have in-built storage inside them or underneath them. Likewise most ottomans have lift off tops for storage, which is a great place to store books, magazines, CDs and DVDs. (image credit: dezeen.com)

While apartment living can prove difficult, with a little innovation and creativity, you can maximise your apartment’s space. Do you live an apartment? If so, what other things do you do to save room?