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Having kids can be wonderful, however when they reach the toddler years, they might not be so easy. All of a sudden everything that was safe before is now within reach of the kids. Now you have to worry about your kids getting into cabinets that they should not be near. Now is the time to make your home safer for your children. This might seem hard to do, but it is well worth it considering the harm that can come to your child. Below are 5 ways you can improve the safety of your home for your children.

1. Protecting Your Kids from Falls

If your home has stairs, you want to find a good way to block them off so you can prevent careless tumbles. Place gates at both the top and bottom of your staircase to prevent curious little climbers from finding their way into dangerous pathways. Be sure the gates are secured correctly so that they cannot be pushed down. The gates might be a nuisance for the adults, but they make a huge difference in protecting the kids from falling.

2. Secure Cabinets and Shelves

Make sure that all cabinets and shelves are fastened securely to the walls they are against. If you have free-standing shelves, you might want to consider taking those down or rearranging the furniture until the kids are older. Children love to pull up on shelves or climb on them. Both of these can cause the shelving to be pulled forward putting the children in a dangerous situation. Regardless of the ages of the children, you should also have the shelves fastened to the walls in case there is ever an earthquake. 3. Safeguarding the Kitchen and Bathroom – You want to teach your children at a very young age that the stove is hot. Make sure they know to keep their hands off so they will avoid severe burns. Make sure any cords in the kitchen are not hanging down, and keep all the pots and pan handles facing the back of the stove so children cannot grab them. Keep any type of spices and flavorings stored up in high cabinets so that the children cannot get into them.

Place bath & shower stickers in your bathroom to help prevent slip and falls. Hire a professional like Megasealed leaking shower repairs, to fix any leaks in your bathroom.

Childproof all drawers and doors using latches and hooks available at home improvement stores and many online child safety stores.

4. Safeguarding the Living Room

Try to avoid having potted plants in the living room or any other room in the house to avoid them being pulled over by the children or having the children reach in and pull the plants out. Some plants are poisonous if ingested. If you have any chests or hutches in the living room, they should be secured to the wall. Cover any sharp edges around coffee tables, end tables and fireplaces with padding so the children do not get hurt.

5. Routine Safety

Go through the entire house and install outlet plugs in all the outlets that are not being used. Make sure that your smoke detectors are in good working condition and that you have them placed safely throughout the house. Go over fire safety rules with children who are old enough to learn what to do in case of a fire. All dangers can never be avoided, but if you take care of the major ones, it will ensure your kids are much safer in your home.

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