All companies need to do what they can when it comes to cutting back, streamlining and reducing costs, without affecting customer services and quality. Outsourcing work is one way of doing this because it means that permanent staff need not be paid to do jobs, and equipment does not have to be maintained.

Some larger companies outsource things like customer care to provide a twenty-four hour service, but a good place to start for any size of business is by outsourcing printing, which can be a very effective way of working because there is no outlay on equipment and maintenance. Discount printing is available from a number of sources and the more work you require the greater your scope for negotiating the price is likely to be.

Posters, stickers, business cards and all your other business (and private) printing needs can easily be outsourced. The cost of such things will often work out less than the annual maintenance and depreciation on your own equipment, plus the time your own staff spend doing the job.

It is possible to outsource the printing of leaflets for a sales campaign and to have the same company, place the material in envelopes and dispatch to whichever areas your campaign is covering. The marketing lists of names and addresses are provided by you, or by the company, depending on your instructions. This saves a huge amount of staff time for the company and generally works out cheaper without compromising on the quality. What might take two members of staff a week to achieve is dealt with efficiently by the outsource company, freeing your staff up for other work.

In the current financial climate efficiency is the keyword because this is what saves money and builds profits. Cutting your operational costs in any way you can will soon improve profit margins.