paper recyclingWith the earth’s natural resources slowly deteriorating, paper recycling or the process of turning used paper into new ones has become a valuable option nowadays. It has gained the nod of many because it uses half the energy that is used to manufacture new paper. To appreciate the said process, it would be best to read the rest of the article.

Paper recycling utilizes used paper and merges them with fresh wood pulp to produce new paper. Unlike plastic and aluminium that can be used over and over, paper can only be recycled up to six times since its fibres tend to become very weak after being reused for a couple of times. Fresh pulp is used in the process to strengthen recycled paper to help it become more durable.

Benefits of Paper Recycling

The primary benefit of paper recycling is it reduces the amount of paper that may find its way to landfills. It should be noted that rotten paper creates methane, a chemical that is major contributor of global warming. Paper recycling also reduces pollution that may be produced in the fabrication process and paves the way to less disruption of natural resources.

Even though many trees are planted and replanted each time new paper is produced, it is always good to engage in paper recycling because it reduces the amount of trees that would be cut to produce new ones.

What Kinds of Paper are recycled the Most?

Some of the most commonly recycled papers are newspapers, plain white papers, cardboards, magazines, and construction papers. On the other those that are not appropriate for recycling are those that are coated with plastic or aluminium foil.

In the process of recycling, high grade paper like white and coloured office papers are separated from low grade ones such as newspapers, cardboards, and magazines. Afterwards, they are transported to processing mills to undergo the necessary procedures.


Individuals who are interested in paper recycling can contact recycling companies to schedule pickup. It is essential to keep paper materials dry so that their good qualities will not go to waste.

On the other hand, those who do not have the budget for the said investment may drop off their recyclable paper on bins that can be found on civic centres as well as supermarkets.

In the end, paper recycling is a simple undertaking that anyone can perform to help the environment in a very big way.

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