We live in a planet teeming with small and big creatures alike. From creepy crawlies to giant elephants, the earth abounds with every imaginable living thing. I never realized until now, that there is another living creature which I am especially grateful to: the Fairy Hobmother.

Don’t be quick to slap your forehead in utter disbelief. I was doubtful about the existence of guy fairies myself until the Fairy Hobmother visited my blog and graciously sprinkled pixie dust all over it. The Fairy Hobmother, by the way, is someone who works at Appliances Online and makes it his job to make people in the blogosphere happy by sending them gifts as a reward for all the hard work they put into blogging.

I was lucky enough to have the Fairy Hobmother give me an Amazon gift card. This is something I could use to have one of those fridge freezers I have been wishing for ever since I can remember.

Who else wants to get paid a visit by him? If you want the Fairy Hobmother to visit you too:

1. Leave a comment – be sure to include your blog url or other info so he can easily find you.

2. Follow the @fairyhobmother on Twitter. Leave a second comment if you do.