4 Tips for Saving on Gas

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Gas container

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After housing and food, transportation is often the most expensive line item in a budget. With gas getting more and more expensive, anything you can do to cut back on the expense is going to help your budget and in the process, you’ll be helping the earth too! Here are a few ideas for reducing your monthly fuel expenditure:

Drive less often. It sounds obvious, but if you find yourself constantly in the car, think about what you can do to change that. Bundle your errands into one trip per week, organize a carpool to your kids’ activities, or re-think your travel plans for the holidays to reduce the amount of time you spend on the road. If you fill up your tank even one less time per month, you’ll still save $50 – $100 each month.

Stay off the road during peak hours. Spending time in traffic is a huge gas-guzzler, so if there’s any way for you to avoid commuter traffic, do it. Can you take some work calls from home in the morning and drive into the office after rush hour has passed?

Drive efficiently. Check the air pressure in your tires and drive the right speed limit If you’re doing a lot of highway driving, making sure that your tires are the right pressure and that you’re driving at a consistent speed on the highway will help you get the maximum fuel efficiency out of your vehicle. Plus, it’s a good safety measure!

Re-think your next car purchase. Instead of a big SUV or van, seriously consider whether you could get by with a more fuel-efficient sedan. Similarly, do the math and see whether the bigger expense of a hybrid vehicle might make sense for you when you calculate the monthly amount you’ll save on fuel. If you’re feeling really ambitious, think about whether you could get by with one fewer car for a few months (or even longer)!

Anne Perkins is a freelance writer focused on how to live large on a little living. She writes financial savings tips for QuickQuid, an online short-term loan lender providing quick loans to those in need. At her blog, AnnieIdea.com, you can get tips on how to take any idea and make it easier or cheaper to complete.

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Printing Services Solutions

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Setting up a business would demand so much time from conceptualization until the implementation of the plans. Aside from organizing the business, another tough job to do is to promote it. In doing so, you need to get the services of a reliable printing company like Presslink printing services. People find it difficult to choose the right print company that will suit the business needs and finances associated with it. The more complicated the project, the more important it is to get the most suitable printing solutions.

printing, print, advertising, brandingProduct marketing and brand management is a tricky part of the business. It can be quite exciting but can be stressful too. Finding the perfect company like Presslink will surely lessen the stress and make life a lot easier. The company is known for their expertise in terms of print solutions as well as technological improvements. As a business owner, you need to establish your objective and relay the exact details of what your company wants to accomplish from these printed materials. As soon as you have decided on that, you have to decide how many copies you want to be printed. There is no need to worry about shipping hazardous materials once you ordered at Presslink because they offer green printing too.

Printing is not the only services offered by Presslink, there are other services such as IT solutions and computer hardware management. It is a one-stop solution for any type of business. To date, they have serviced a long list of customer and are quite satisfied with the quality of prints they have provided. Not to mention the fact that the cost is reasonable and they provide good service. Some of the most popular clients they have include restaurants like Pizza Hut, TGIFridays and Starbucks, they also have 7-11, Bayer, American Standard and a lot more. If you want a less stressful business dealings, trust only Presslink for your printing and brand marketing needs.

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A Visitor From Heaven

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We live in a planet teeming with small and big creatures alike. From creepy crawlies to giant elephants, the earth abounds with every imaginable living thing. I never realized until now, that there is another living creature which I am especially grateful to: the Fairy Hobmother.

Don’t be quick to slap your forehead in utter disbelief. I was doubtful about the existence of guy fairies myself until the Fairy Hobmother visited my blog and graciously sprinkled pixie dust all over it. The Fairy Hobmother, by the way, is someone who works at Appliances Online and makes it his job to make people in the blogosphere happy by sending them gifts as a reward for all the hard work they put into blogging.

I was lucky enough to have the Fairy Hobmother give me an Amazon gift card. This is something I could use to have one of those fridge freezers I have been wishing for ever since I can remember.

Who else wants to get paid a visit by him? If you want the Fairy Hobmother to visit you too:

1. Leave a comment – be sure to include your blog url or other info so he can easily find you.

2. Follow the @fairyhobmother on Twitter. Leave a second comment if you do.

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Give Your Mom the Perfect Ring

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If money is not an issue, a mothers ring is definitely the best present you can give your mom. Although moms would cherish any gift from her child, a piece of jewelry will certainly put a smile on her face. If you are planning to buy your mom a ring, you may find these tips very useful:

• You have to know her taste in jewelry.
• You also need to know her ring size by checking the size of her existing rings.
• You also need to consider the design of the ring, it could be a plain band or with birthstones.
• You need to find out whether she likes silver, gold or platinum.

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Eco-Friendly Toys Suggestions

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Everyone is doing their part in preserving and saving the planet. More and more products are becoming eco-friendly such as toys. Who would have thought that some of your child’s favorite toy is not eco-friendly? Eco-friendly toys are a lot safer to play with; in fact we are somehow assured that our little ones are not exposed to toxic chemicals such as lead. If you want to give your little one an eco-friendly toy, here are some of the toy suggestions that you may want to consider:
• Books which are made from recycled papers and used soy-based ink are definitely eco-friendly. This type of book is certainly much safer compare to the traditional type.
• Yoyos and other toys made from natural wood blocks. Normally, these toys are painted with water-based paint.
• Puzzles are almost similar to books; it enhances the mind of your child. Choose a puzzle that is made of recycled paper too.
Shopping for toys can be overwhelming especially if you are with your little one. It is our responsibility as parents to ensure the safety of our kids. So choose toys that will not only help save the environment but will not put your child’s health at risk too.

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