A lot of people take the environment in their own hands, they would rather do it on their own instead of waiting for the government or people in authority to take the first step in making changes. Most of us are aware of the environmental issues such as global climate change. If you want to help resolve the issues about climate change then you should focus on conserving energy.

You can do that by living an eco-friendly lifestyle. So whether you are just taking your baby steps to being a green homemaker or making the big leap, as long as you do it consistently, you can actually inspire others to live a greener lifestyle. These are some of the small steps that you take but leave bigger footprints in terms of saving the environment:

  • Use compact fluorescent bulbs or LED bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs. You do not only save energy and save money from your electric bill, but you also save your eyes from using reading glasses in the future because these bulbs are brighter.
  • Stop your car engine if you are just going to pull over for more than 20 seconds. You can prolong your gas money by doing this.
  • Regular maintenance of your car is a must to make sure that it functions well. In this manner, there will be fewer emissions too and you will be using less fuel.
  • Use packaging that is recyclable and purchase products which have less packaging too.
  • Remove the plug of your TV or DVD if you are not going to use them, these devices can actually draw power even when they are off.