There are times when the concrete walls of your home could feel cold and stifling. Sometimes, you need to see a little bit of greenery to bring you back to a peaceful state of mind. When you just cannot step out of your home and smell the roses, you need to have your own indoor zen garden where you can calm your mind and spirit. Building an indoor zen garden for home improvement is a project that a lot of homeowners can undertake on their own.

zen garden, indoor zen gardenA zen garden is your own little pocket of peace inside your home. It is different from your ordinary pocket garden in that it does not have all that much foliage and greenery. This garden consists of pebble arrangements and a bed of sand. Traditionally, Buddhist monks use gardens like this for meditation. They draw tranquility and strengthen their sense of humanity through these gardens. A balanced and harmonious environment as well as longevity is said to spring forth from these rock gardens.

To build your own pocket of peace in your home, you need to pick a space first. Choose an area that is away from the regular activity in your house. If you have pets, it is important that the place that you choose will be inaccessible to your furry friends – you don’t want your zen garden to be mistaken as the litter box. Next, you have to take some measurements. You need to measure out the floor area that you are working with. You can take this measurement to the hardware store so you can get enough lumber for your frame. This frame will hold the sand. You need to fill your frame with sand, about two inches deep. Rake the sand and create wave-like patterns.

Adorn your garden with pebble and rock arrangements. You have to choose your pebbles and rocks carefully. They should be smooth. This will allow the positive energies to flow more smoothly. There are arrangements that are symbolic. You can do your research and find out what different arrangements you can make in your zen garden. Feel free to experiment with different arrangements. It does not even have to be the same all the time. For as long as the arrangement is clean, uncluttered, and evokes a sense of serenity in you, your zen garden will relieve you of all the stress and negative feelings you encounter everyday.