Staying Cool at Home in the Heat of Summer

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Some people go to the mall or just outdoors to keep themselves cool during hot weather. But there is no need to ditch the comfort of your homes to beat the summer heat. There are plenty of ways to look and feel refreshed at home without necessarily exhausting your air conditioning system. Iced beverages, cold or frozen snacks, and some cool fashionable outfits along with a few adjustments around the house can help you deal with the heat and humidity while inside the house.

One of the most practical ways to keep cool during the hot weather is to drink water. It makes your body feel cooler and healthier as well. Drinking water not only keeps you hydrated but also helps in energizing muscles, flushing out toxins, and getting better looking skin. Add a bit of flavor in your water for a more refreshing and enjoyable treat, just put some mint, lemon, or orange in it before placing it inside the refrigerator. Cold or frozen fruit slices are also healthy snack alternatives that can help keep body temperature down.

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Aside from your diet, you may also make some changes in your wardrobe. Loose fitting clothes that are made from natural fabrics like cotton, silk, linen, or bamboo are ideal during the summer season. There are plenty of cool and fashionable outfits that are easy on the budget. Tank Tops, Sleeveless Blouses, and Cami Tops are some of the most comfortable options that you can consider. Experts also recommend wearing light colored clothes that help reflect light and heat away from the body.

There are also ways to keep temperatures down in the home environment. Window treatments, location of the ceiling fan, and fabric used for your beddings and upholstery can affect the comfort levels in your rooms. Blinds or insulated curtains that are kept closed during the hottest time of the day can help keep the sun’s heat from getting into the house. Windows can be opened at night time to let the cool air inside. You may also want to replace heavy or fuzzy fabric coverings on your furnishings with light and smooth ones for a cooler look and feel.

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5 Ways to Give Your Old T-Shirt a Makeover

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T-shirts seem to have a sneaky way of multiplying in the closet when you’re not looking, yet they appear to stay in the same state of disrepair when they do. If you’re looking for ideas on how to revamp your old shirts and give them a new lease of life, here’s 5 great ways to give them the ultimate makeover.

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Dye It

The ever popular method of tie-dying is still the fate of many old t-shirts. If you aren’t sold on this look, there’s still a great range of other options you can try when it comes to fabric dyes. Has your favourite black shirt faded? It’s easy to dye an old shirt darker, and this is a simple way to give your old shirts a fresh new look. Cotton is the easiest fabric to dye, with synthetics taking a little more work. Just remember if you’re dying a light coloured shirt darker, the thread of the seams will almost always remain the original colour, so be prepared for this.

Bleach Solutions

If dying isn’t your thing, or you have some old dark t-shirts who won’t absorb the dye, you can consider bleaching them instead. You can achieve a range of interesting patters and effects with similar methods to tie-dye. Experimentation is the key, as the results of bleaching can be quite unpredictable. You will get a variety of colours and patterns when bleaching, but this is part of the appeal. You’re guaranteed to end up with something unique that’s for sure!

Slice it Up

There’s nothing more satisfying than taking to some old shirts with a pair of sharp scissors. Adding some artificial cuts and slices to your shirts can take them from drab to edgy in a matter of seconds. How carried away you get is entirely up to you and the kind of style you want to achieve.

Beading and Embroidery

Creating your own unique designs with stitching and beading is a great way to revitalise old shirts. From funky buttons and ribbons to personalised embroidery, there’s no end to what you can achieve with a bit of effort. Have no fear, if you’re not too great with a needle and thread, there are plenty of great iron-on patches and transfers that you can use to revamp your old shirts instead.

Up for Adoption

If all else fails, don’t throw away your old shirts. You might not love them anymore, but there might be someone out there who will! You can try selling them on eBay, which is a great way to earn some extra money. If you don’t want to spend the time selling them online, donate them to your local Lifeline or Salvation Army services so your old shirts can have another chance at life while helping those in need. Once you’ve cleared everything out, consider designing your very own personalised t-shirts so that you know you won’t ever get sick of them.

These are just a few simple and easy ways to revamp the old shirts in your cupboard. Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to adding some creative flair to your preloved garments, and with a bit of time and effort, you can create something truly unique. Get those neglected shirts out of the bottom of your cupboard and give them the makeover they deserve!

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Give Your Mom the Perfect Ring

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If money is not an issue, a mothers ring is definitely the best present you can give your mom. Although moms would cherish any gift from her child, a piece of jewelry will certainly put a smile on her face. If you are planning to buy your mom a ring, you may find these tips very useful:

• You have to know her taste in jewelry.
• You also need to know her ring size by checking the size of her existing rings.
• You also need to consider the design of the ring, it could be a plain band or with birthstones.
• You need to find out whether she likes silver, gold or platinum.

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Eco Friendly Fashion for Mums-to-be

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We all know the importance of looking after our environment and trying our hardest to be eco-friendly and this shouldn’t have to stop the moment we become pregnant. Thankfully there are now a range of eco-friendly products out there for mums-to-be.

Eco friendly maternity wear is made of materials that are grown without excessive usage of chemicals and are materials that are easily renewed, materials such as Bamboo and organic cotton are the perfect choice for those of us that want to feel comfortable during our pregnancy but still be good to the environment.

Bamboo clothing is made out of bamboo grass which is naturally fast growing and doesn’t require much use of chemicals. The fabric is super-soft, floaty and stretchy, making it perfect through your pregnancy week-by-week and even after birth. Another great feature of this fabric is its insulating property which means it will keep you cool on warm days or nice and warm in those winter months.

Organic cotton garments are made with much less chemicals than regular cotton and, again, are super-soft and perfect for throughout your pregnancy.

The best thing about this is more and more shops are stocking these products so if you’re looking for your maternity wear make sure you do a little search for bamboo or organic cotton and keep helping our environment!

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