Pest Management and Beautifully Healthy Homes

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Expensive decorations and interiors aren’t the only things that can make a house impressive. A spartanly furnished home can be better than a well decorated one if it is well maintained and free of clutter. However, there are times when homemakers become so focused with the appearance of living spaces that they tend to overlook hidden areas in the house where pesky insects, fungus, or even animals may be lurking around. Homemakers who want to have a clean and healthy environment in the house should also look into effective pest management for a beautiful home inside and out.

Most households have encountered pests in their homes at one time or the other. It is quite common to encounter ants or roaches in the house once in a while but people shouldn’t belittle the effect of these insects in the household or they may find themselves facing an infestation. These insects aren’t just creepy and irritating they can also endanger the health of your family. Ants can get into food items and contaminate them with germs, while roaches can spread harmful bacteria around the house and carry some allergens that can affect people with asthma. These pests are commonly found in the kitchen and can be managed by proper hygiene and cleanliness around the house and eliminating them immediately before they grow in numbers.

Rodents or rats and mice are also common pests that can wreak havoc in the house. Aside from carrying other parasites and deadly diseases like Leptospirosis and rabies, they can also ruin your furniture, walls and other belongings by gnawing on it. One of the most dangerous pests that a house can have is termite. These tiny insects can appear harmless on their own but the damage that they can do to a house can be deadly. They attack the structure of the house and weaken it thereby compromising its integrity. If left unchecked, these termites can bring the house down.

A clean and pest-free environment is the foundation for beautiful homes. There are pest control professionals that can help solve moderate to severe infestations. However, homemakers will still need to equip themselves with effective pest management techniques to keep their homes safe, healthy, and beautiful.

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Choosing a Green Ride

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Driving is not merely a convenience. It is also a responsibility. A car owner’s responsibility starts from choosing the right ride. There are a lot of things to consider in the process of picking out a car whether from online car catalogs or from the car dealership showroom. It’s not just the color and style that is important. What’s under the hood and how the car performs on the road are more important factors to consider. With all the details to take into consideration, the decision on which car to buy can be tedious. It’s a good thing that there are websites that offer side by side car comparison features. Using a comparison tool makes the entire process less tedious.

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A lot of car manufacturers already have their own product lines consisting of green cars. This basically means that the cars in the line-up are fuel efficient. They need less fuel to run and release less toxic fumes into the atmosphere. There are car brands that are recognized for green cars. But, green technology has grown to be pervasive and the different green cars in the market are now comparable with one another. It is wise for any car buyer to see how these cars stack up against each other through online car comparison tools.

Cost is another consideration when choosing the perfect green car. Since a green car runs more efficiently, it also means that you are likely to enjoy savings on fuel costs and maintenance costs. Car comparison tools will be able to help see how much it costs to own specific car models and brands over a period of time. This way, you can have a better perspective of what the future financial impact of your car choice is. Buying a car with a lower MSRP will not necessarily be all that wise for you. You might just be setting yourself up for a string of higher recurring costs in terms of fuel, insurance, and repair costs. The right green ride for you is one that will be cost efficient, is environment friendly, and matches your driving and riding preferences.

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Save On Electricity and Save the Earth with Solar Power

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The summer months usually bring a spike to electricity bills and water bills in residential homes. People try to find ways to cool themselves down during the hot humid season that commonly consists of turning up the air conditioning system in the house, frequent baths and changing of pool water, and overworking the ref by storing loads of drinks to cool. Unfortunately, these methods can take a toll not just on the household budget but also on the planet. Powering homes with solar energy can help save mother earth and get savings on household bills as well.

Solar energy is a popular alternative energy source in the US. Solar technology has been available for decades already but it was only in recent years that it became a doable option for regular households. Solar powered homes utilize the renewable energy from the sun to generate electricity and heat for the house. There are several types of solar energy systems that cover different household needs. These systems make use of solar cells or panels to collect energy from the sun and store them in batteries to ensure continuity of power at night or when the sun is covered by the clouds. These panels help increase power sustainability because they are virtually limitless. As long as the sun continues to shine solar homes will have free energy to consume. On the downside, the cost of materials and installation of solar power is quite costly. Some estimate that it would take at least five years worth of electricity savings to cover the cost of these panels.

Those who are considering a switch to solar powered homes need to think of it as an investment with long term returns. It may take quite some time to recover the installation cost, but it is no match to the free electricity that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. The added bonus is that one gets to help in conserving the natural resources of the planet.

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Gardening Basics for Healthy Crops and Greener Homes

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Home gardens are becoming a common feature in most residences today. Even people without any gardening experience have no qualms about trying this green trend. The growing consciousness for a greener lifestyle and healthier eating options make vegetable and herb gardens a popular option for homemakers. However, those who want to grow rich and healthy vegetables in their own garden need to learn the basics first before digging in.

The basic considerations in producing a thriving garden are soil, seeds, water, and sunlight. Each crop would have different requirements for these elements. Determining the right combination is the key for growing healthy crops. There are gardening resources that can help the budding green thumb find the perfect match of soil and seeds. Or they can simply ask tips from the garden shop or their local gardeners. Vegetables are best grown by planting the seeds directly in the garden soil and nurture it from there, but there are some people who would rather buy grown plants and simply work on the harvesting cycle.

Plants and crops need nourishment to grow and be productive. Gardeners need to make sure that they get their daily requirements of water and sunlight for them to thrive. However, they should be careful not to over water or under water the plants. It is not just the plants and crops that need caring, newbie gardeners should also take care of their soil by tilling and weeding it on a regular basis. Adding compost or organic matter can help improve the quality of the soil and boost the chances of getting a good harvest. Just like sunlight and water, the soil is also a source of nourishment for the crops.

Growing a vegetable garden is a great way to get into a greener lifestyle and healthier eating habits. Organic vegetables are healthier alternatives to commercially grown ones that use pesticides or harmful chemicals. Those who have their own garden can save on buying organic vegetables and simply pick them right in their own homes.

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Latest Eco Home Trends

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Building green is not as expensive as you think. There is new technology being introduced every year making it more affordable to live green and leave less of a footprint. Eco trends are all about saving money in the future, savings are one of its best benefits. Let’s move towards sustainable living for every household. The following article lists some eco trends that are becoming more popular.


Insulation will keep your house cool in summer and warm in winter. This keeps heating and cooling costs down, it increases your houses energy efficiency. Insulate your walls and floors for the best effect. Be ecofriendly by using hemp, sheep’s wall, wood fibre, recycled paper and straw. These substitutes are equally effective as any man made insulation.


Windows and doors account for 20% of the heat loss from a house. Installing double glazed windows reduces this loss; it reduces this heat loss by a third. This will in turn reduce your power bills every year. Living in Australia you should also consider the summer months when it comes to windows. Consider their positioning; they should be positioned where they are more likely to receive better breezes. Hot hair rises so highly positioned windows can make a big difference.

solar panels
Solar Panels

This is not a new trend but it is becoming more available to those of us with a moderate income. The use of a renewable energy to heat your home is a fantastic way to make your home sustainable. Solar panels are a great way to save money and power; it’s a step forward to becoming self-reliant. Solar power utilises the sun to produce energy. We have plenty of sun in Australia why not take advantage of it? You can choose to just rely on your solar power to heat your water or to power your home, there are options. There is a government fund scheme that will assist with paying for the solar panels, the government’s way to not only encourage but motivate people to go green.

Efficient Toilets

Toilets waste lots of clean drinkable water. Old models toilets can use up to 12 Litres of water per flush; water efficient toilets do the same job with less water. There is an easy switch that can be made to low flush or water-efficient toilet. Dual-flush toilets use 3 Litres. There is a design that re-uses the water used to wash hands in a basin. Another option is to integrate your rain water tank to your toilet. You still get the features of a normally functioning toilet without the guilt.

There are so many other eco options out there for your home; you just need to start your search. Take the leap today to be innovative and leave a good imprint on our environment. Lots of big builder such as Metricon Homes are jumping on the band wagon.

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Help Save the Earth with the Three R’s

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Each year millions of people make a pledge on April 22nd to do their part and help leave the earth more inhabitable for future generations. This year marks the 44th celebration of Earth Day and as it gets closer, we thought we’d share a few ideas on how you can become more green…

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Reduce – There is an easy way to reduce the amount of cleaning products you use, no matter if it’s for house cleaning, laundry, or bath products. By installing a water softener, like the ones made by Harvey Water Softeners, you can reduce the amount of soaps used by as much as 50%. When water is softer, shampoo will lather easier, laundry detergent can penetrate clothing faster, and dish soap solvents bond with the grease on your dirty dishes quicker. A water softener means that not only will you use less soap but your water consumption will go down, saving your pocket book as well as the environment.

Reuse – Purchasing “green” cleaners are better for the environment, but you don’t have to toss them in the recycling bins when emptied. Simply refill the spray bottle with two parts water and one part vinegar to create a new cleaning solution. Less bottles being bought equals less bottles being produced which, in turn, results in less petrol being used.

Recycle – Purchasing products that are meant for the recycling bin is a major step towards leaving the earth clean than you found it. By spending a few extra moments reading the labels can ensure you aren’t bringing home containers that can only be tossed in the trash. And if you’re feeling extra motivated, see what you can do on a city level. Does your city have a curb-side recycling program? If not, start lobbying the city council to integrate one into your town’s waste management program. Are there recycling bins downtown? See if the town will add them next to all of the public trashcans.

What do you do to celebrate Earth Day? Will your family be making any changes this year to help save the planet?

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