How Exercise Helps the Skin

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Green living is vital to have a clean environment. Simple waste management could help the air we breathe to be fresh and pollution-free. Aside from our lungs, our skin is greatly affected by what we do to our surroundings.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget our skin is an organ. Skin is the toughest organ by far, but it requires a lot of care.

Having a solid skin care routine is extremely important. There are a lot of products on the market, but many don’t truly address the skin’s needs. When you read reviews of Dermaclara and other science-based products, it’s easy to tell that some products are worth your time and money while others are just a waste.

One thing that is guaranteed to compliment your skin care routine is exercise. More and more research is showing that exercise isn’t just good for your cardiovascular health and waistline. Surprisingly, it is also highly beneficial for your skin.

Exercise Gets The Blood Circulating

It’s no coincidence that skin glows a little after a good workout. That glow is a result of increased blood circulation that’s flooding the vessels close to the skin’s surface.

Exercise helps pump blood through the body, which delivers much-needed nutrients and oxygen to skin cells. The blood and oxygen also help the cells get rid of waste, including free radicals that can break down collagen and elastin. By increasing blood circulation exercise helps to improve the look of skin immediately and over time.

Exercise Builds Up the Skin’s Support System

Recent research has found that exercise can help rebuild the epidermis (top layer) and dermis (bottom layer) of skin. As we age the dermis gets thinner and loses elasticity while the epidermis gets thicker because cellular turnover slows. The result is the skin’s support system get weaker, the surface looks duller and signs of aging set in.

A study by McMaster University found that people of all ages could improve both layers of skin through exercise. They examined participants that ranged in age from 20-84. After exercising participants over the age of 40 showed marked improvements in their skin. The epidermis was thinner and the dermis was thicker. Even people as old as 65 had skin that was closer to 30 years old.

The best news is some of these participants didn’t start exercising until the study began. That means it’s never too late to get real skin benefits from working out.

Exercise Can Help Control Acne

One of the major contributors of acne is stress. When we get stressed out it releases a hormone called cortisol, which can cause acne by increasing oil production in the sebaceous glands. Exercise increases endorphin production, a natural feel-good hormone that counteracts cortisol. You’ll stress less and have better skin by working out.

Exercise Can Protect Collagen

Cortisol can also breakdown the collagen that helps support skin tissue and keeps it from sagging. Here again the endorphin boost from working out can help protect the appearance and health of your skin.

Aquatic Exercise Can Help People With Skin Problems

If you have eczema or rosacea you probably avoid strenuous activity and sweating since it can cause flare-ups. The solution is exercising in the water. Water aerobics, resistance training and swimming laps are great forms of exercise that will keep your skin cool.

Boost the Benefits by Working Out Outdoors

Getting out in nature is an easy and effective way to reduce stress, which is good for your general health and skin. Taking a hike, practicing yoga outside or going for a walk in the late afternoon when the sun isn’t quite so strong will provide exercise and boost your mood. You’ll also get a healthy dose of Vitamin D. When sunlight hits our skin it causes 7-dehydrocholesterol (7-DHC) to react and generate Vitamin D.

After working out it’s important to shower and clean your skin as soon as possible. Pay particular attention to the face and any other spots that are prone to breakouts. Follow up with a good moisturizer to provide the skin with additional hydration and protection.

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What Makes Musicians Eco-friendly

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Everyone is doing their part to save Mother Earth there are even eco-friendly musicians. If you have not heard of these eco-friendly musicians or bands and you wonder how they help in greening the music industry; well here are some characteristics of eco-friendly musicians/bands.

  • Musicians drive most of the time especially if they have tours. Instead of spending much money on regular fuel these musicians/bands use vegetable oil to run their vehicles. Some even collect and filter the used vegetable oil from their favorite restaurants.
  • Eco-friendly musicians power the batteries of his gadgets with the help of solar panels. They save a lot in electricity because they use the natural source.
  • CDs are handprinted on recycled cardboards and they do not use plastic.
  • Guitar picks are made of bio-compostable and eco-friendly materials. These guitar picks offer the same strength and durability as the standard guitar picks.

As you listen to your favorite bands/musician sing over the  mxl microphones, it is best to know if they are one of the very few eco-friendly musicians that we have. If so, help them spread their advocacy towards saving and preserving mother Earth.

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Charge Your iPhone in Earth-friendly Way

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We are aware of the problems that we have in our environment like climate change and global warming. Going green and eco-friendly is one of the missions of most manufacturers of appliances and gadgets. As we all know despite the benefits we get from these gadgets and appliances, they can still provide negative impact, particular the high amount of electrical energy needed by these appliances and gadgets.

Joco Paulo Lammoglia who is a Brazilian based inventor came up with the idea of an air mask that works like axis ht. Why? It can boost the energy and charge iPhone and other iOS devices without the need for electricity. The mask will convert your breath into electricity and all you have to do is to wear the air mask on your face and connect it to your iPhone. Just breathe as usual and your iPhone gets charged. You can wear the air mask while doing your usual daily activities and even while sleeping.

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Earth Hour 2012

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There are hundreds of millions of people around the globe who are expected to participate in the yearly environmental endeavour known as the Earth Hour. On March 31, 2012 people from all over the seven continents were requested to participate by simply switching off their lights for one hour. Although it may affect some of the usual activities like reading books or playing Remote Control Boats; but the sacrifice is definitely worth it.

This is done to show the world’s commitment in protecting and saving our planet. Major cities all over the world are expected to participate in the said event. Organizers of Earth Hour 2012 used the theme, Dare the World to Save the Planet. In Earth Hour 2011, there were over a billion of people who participated from 134 different countries. This year, organizers aim to surpass last year’s record in the hope to save the planet.

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Earth-friendly Activities for Kids

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If you have kids who spend most of their free time in the couch watching TV or playing their favourite video games; then it is time to bring them outside and get your kids involve in earth-friendly activities. Such type of activity will help in still the respect for the environment and the planet as a whole.

Encourage your kids to grow a garden. A vegetable garden will be a good start; you can ask your kids would want to plant in their vegetable garden. Then you can demonstrate to them how things are done and what other things are needed to be done in order to keep the plant healthy.

You can also do art crafts from your old cereal boxes. While you and your kids are being crafty, you can explain to them the importance of reusing or recycling materials instead of throwing them. As you teach your kids about the value of recycling you are also discovering the creative talents of your children.

You can also suggest in your kids’ school the essence of having environment-oriented activities and tours. Learning is not limited in the four corners of classroom. A stroll at the nearest park will make kids learn a lot about the environment.

As your children do these earth-friendly activities, do not forget to take tons of photos. Your kids will surely enjoy seeing themselves do the dirty job in gardening. Capture the memories for you and your family to cherish.

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Understanding Climate Change

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In the Philippines, when the month of December sets in; it means cold and windy weather. However for the past days, it has been raining a lot. This is kind of unusual and climate change could be the reason why this sudden change of weather is happening. When people talk about climate change, this is related to global warming and greenhouse effect. Sounds Greek?

Well, global warming is a condition when the temperature of the earth rises or heats up. This occurs when the greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and water vapour trap the light and heat coming from the sun in the atmosphere of the earth. This would cause the temperature to rise and for those living things who cannot take the sudden change, they usually die.

Truly that the extreme weather conditions that happen all over the world is one of the negative effects of all these pollutions. Unfortunately, the Antarctica ice shelf is slowly melting and the same goes for the Arctic ice cap because of the global warming.

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