Green Jobs

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We are faced with a huge problem regarding climate change. For the past years, lawmakers here and abroad are exploring on different ways to save mother Earth.   In fact, more and more businesses and companies are implementing eco-friendly rules such as recycling. There are even jobs that would let you go green like:

  • Environmental Engineer with average annual income of $50K
  • Conservation Biologist which will earn you an average of $52K per year
  • Ecologist will allow you to earn an average income of $69K per year
  • Environmental Attorney with average annual income of  $70K per year
  • Environment Chemist with a yearly average income of  $51K

These are some of the jobs that are focused in saving the environment. However, even if you do Physical Therapist Jobs, education teacher or your expertise is not in line with saving the environment; you can still do your part to protect and preserve the Earth.

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Hollywood Celebs Go Green

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Reading the latest celebrity news, more and more Hollywood celebrities become advocates of the environment. Celebs go green in many ways, they change their lifestyle to promote the green-living advancement. Among the celebs who are known to be staunch advocates of saving mother earth is the 1960’s actor Ed Begley. He is for alternative energy solutions, in fact he does a 10-minute bike ride to power his toaster.

Another celebrity who started to be “green conscious” is Leonardo DiCaprio who created a foundation in 1988 promoting issues that concern the environment. He also drives hybrid car to do his share in saving the environment.

The list of celebrities could go on, since they are influential people it is easy for them to promote taking care of the environment to their fans and followers.

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Types of Ecofriendly Cars

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Almost everyone and everything has gone green; it goes to show that people are becoming more aware on the current state of the environment. Even car manufacturers decided to go green as well. A car may use victor rims for the tires or possess a dent-free body but it could be much better if it is designed to be eco-friendly. If you are not yet familiar on the types of earth friendly vehicles, here are the most common types:

  • Hybrid vehicles – the most common and most affordable earth friend cars, it utilizes battery and gas for its propulsion.
  • Electric vehicles – are those cars which use hydrogen-powered batteries, it lowers fuel cost too.
  • Alternative fuel vehicles – these cars run using natural gas, ethanol or biodiesel. The biodiesel is bio-degradable too.
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American Cement Company Going Green

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After its debacle in 2005, when the EPA accused CEMEX Corporation for polluting the air around its cement factory, the company has done a volte face and gone green altogether. This is a new trend, which is being observed in many American companies across all sectors. There is a great deal of enthusiasm, of the quixotic American kind that we are so familiar with, of going the environmental friendly mother earth way, and this enthusiasm is inspiring, or forcing, American companies that want to sell products to American consumers, to go green. In a way, like so many things American, the mass enthusiasm for something “good” is making the American corporate world – that lifeless and powerful entity – sit up and take notice, if only for a short time, if only to find a workaround. However, until Americans find another cause to cheer for, these years of Gaia-love, to coin a term, are doing quite a lot of good to the environment. CEMEX is the proof of that.

CEMEX settled a lawsuit alleging air pollution at Victorville, the largest cement production plant in the USA. According to a Department of Justice release last year, “Under the terms of the settlement, CEMEX must meet new limits for these pollutants at the Victorville plant, one of the largest cement plants in the United States, including stringent new limits for nitrogen oxide that will reduce emissions by 1,890 tons per year, a nearly 40 percent reduction. “

Nitrogen oxide is one of the main pollutants from the cement industry. If CEMEX delivers on its promise to reduce Nitrogen oxide emission, that will be a tremendous good news to the people of Victorville, especially the children and the elderly, who are prone to suffer from respiratory problems if they inhale too much of nitrogen oxide.

Cemex is known to have installed a state of the art pollution control system at its manufacturing facility at Victorville. The move has cost it millions of dollars, noted a gleeful EPA, and it will help make the local environment much more habitable.

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