Three Home Safety Strategies You Should Implement Immediately

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These days, more and more homeowners are realizing that placing primacy on the safety of their private living space is important. By making safety a priority, homeowners can preclude themselves and their loved ones from falling prey to life-endangering accidents and mishaps. If you’re interested in optimizing the safety of your home immediately, consider implementing the following strategies today:

1. Elevated Deck Systems Installation.

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As many home design experts know, elevated decks can increase the safety of your home. The elevated pedestal/paver system is effective in raising the surface of your deck to the entry threshold, thereby meeting the ADA’s requirements while also permitting safe, easy access. The end result of the installation is sufficient drainage and the prevention of water puddling on the deck’s surface. Companies like Elevated Deck Systems can install the systems near pedestrian walkways, patio areas, and pool decks. Learn more today by visiting the company website at

2. Home Security System Installation.

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In this technological era, home security systems are all the rage. Although each system is different, the home security system basically comes with technologically advanced features such as automated door locking and unlocking as well as e-mail and text message updates that inform you of any suspicious activity transpiring on your property.

3. Be Discreet On Social Media.

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These days, many people are passionate and consistent about connecting with friends and/or family members via social channels such as Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook. However, one of the dangers of communicating with people on these public channels is giving away too much private information. For example, some people might use Twitter as a medium through which to tell another person that they are going on vacation. This type of activity is not prudent because criminals can take this information and use it as a springboard to decide when to break in. For this reason, being discreet on social media regarding your general activity is important and advantageous.


If you’re serious about ensuring that your home is safe and secure as possible, there are at least three ways to realize your objective. By installing an elevated deck system or home security system and being discreet on social media, you’ll likely find that your private living space becomes safer than ever.

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Eco-Friendly Options Are The Best Choice In Modern Bathroom Decor

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Protecting and preserving our environment has become one of the most pressing issues facing us today. When remodeling or updating a bathroom, using Eco-friendly options makes sense. They can save money and save the amount of water used in one room of the home that traditionally uses a lot of water. Conserving resources while keeping the bathroom stylish, comfortable and useful is a commendable goal.

eco-friendly materials

Eco friendly materials for the bathroom furniture

Remodeling and modernizing bathrooms adds value to homes and can add beauty and functionality. A good rule to follow is if bathroom fixtures are dated older than 1994, they should be updated. Elements found in Eco-friendly bathroom decorating include things like:

– Low-wattage lighting

– Furniture and cabinets made from Eco-friendly materials

– Sinks with low-flow faucets that help save water

– Flooring and wall decor in Eco-friendly materials

– Bathtubs crafted from Eco-friendly materials

– Eco-friendly toilets

Options In Eco-Friendly Toilets

There are several options available when choosing Eco-friendly toilets. Some excellent options are available like those found through Attractive options include:

– Dual flush toilets – Allow users to use less water with each flush and gives users options in how much water to use per flush. These generally feature two buttons, one for a very gentle flush for only liquids and a more powerful flushing option to dispose of solid waste.

– High efficiency toilets – Most of these toilet options use about 1.28 gallons of water with each flush. This is even less water than the amount used by low-flow toilets. These toilets come in a variety of single or dual flush options.

– Low-Flow Toilets – Traditionally these toilets use 1.6 gallons of water per flush or less.

Eco-Friendly Toilets Come in a Variety of Styles and Colors

A bathroom can be given an entirely new, beautiful look along with upgraded functionality by installing eco-friendly toilets. Options include traditional round bowls, elongated styles, square options and even new, trendy rectangular shapes. Individual style can be expressed with a great selection of toilets that can be found to blend perfectly into any decor.

Colors include traditional white, along with options for black, silver, beige, bone or ivory. Seats can be selected from choices of many styles, designs and colors, making the attractive decorating possibilities almost endless. By adhering to eco-friendly options, the environment can be improved for our future generations.

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Have a Wheelchair-friendly Home #infographic

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Wheelchair accessibility may not be among the most common features home buyers look for but it should be of utmost importance especially for those who have relatives in wheelchairs or who would be caring for their elderly loved ones in the near future. To raise awareness on the importance of making homes wheelchair accessible, KD Smart Chair, a manufacturer of lightweight power wheelchairs, has released a very useful infographic. The infographic outlines the modifications required to make your home accessible to those in wheelchairs. This would certainly be something you should consider if you are moving in to a new house, taking care of elderly people, or frequently entertaining guests who are wheelchair-bound. These guidelines would make everyday activities much easier and more convenient to do for people in wheelchairs.

Making Your Home Wheelchair Accessible #infographicView the full infographic at

The infographic by KD Smart Chair gives people with mobility issues an easy to follow blueprint. There is a visual representation of how each part of the house could be made more wheelchair-friendly. At the entrance of the house, a portable ramp leading to the front door and an all-weather stair lift would make it easier to enter the home. The garage should have ample space and be equipped with an entry door ramp that provides safe and quick access to the car. In the bedroom, a phone or an alert system near the bed is necessary. An overhang lift to facilitate getting in and out of bed is also recommended. For the bathroom, grab bars must be installed next to the toilet as well as in the shower. A bathtub lift would also be quite useful. The kitchen must be spacious enough to allow wheelchairs to maneuver. Countertops and cabinet heights must be adjusted to provide easy access to those in wheelchairs. If there is a basement or a second storey, a stair lift would be essential.

Aside from these, the infographic emphasizes the need for clear pathways, proper lighting, and standard widths to improve accessibility. It also underscores the importance of installing a security system to protect the home.

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Home Decorating Ideas for Summer 2015

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Say goodbye to the cold and dreary winter atmosphere and welcome the warm summer weather with fresh home decors. Take advantage of the last few days of winter to plan changes around the house, be it major renovation projects or just a touch-up job. There are several home decorating ideas for summer 2015 that are worth considering. If your home hasn’t had an upgrade in the last 5 years then now is the time to break down some walls and open your home to the latest design trends. Those who aren’t ready for a major project yet then a few changes on decors and fixtures should do the trick.

home interiors, summer interiors

Color is a major element that affects the look and ambiance in a room. You can bring the warm and bright hues of summer into your home by changing accents like curtains, rugs, table runners, or wall colors. Adding bright and rich color accents in your rooms is one of the trendy home decorating ideas for 2015. Another décor trend to consider is the use of cool shades of blue or aqua in your interiors. Combining white and grey tones with rich turquoise blue accents can give your room a Mediterranean appeal. You may also bring some beach colors in your room by using grey, brown, and other shades of sand in your wall or flooring, blue for your linens, and bright beach ball shades as your accent.

Aside from color, texture is another element that you can use to give your rooms an updated look. Metals, natural stone surfaces, glass, ceramics, and decors with ethnic motifs can add character and energy to your home. You can arrange metallic vases, ceramic pots, and other nature inspired decors in your center or side table for a fresh vibe. Decors like wooden crafts, prints and linen with ethnic designs are other elements that you can combine with shiny materials for a modern take on home décor.

Giving your home a new look for the summer doesn’t have to be costly. You can find a lot of existing materials in your house that can be upcycled into a modern chic piece. Use these home decorating ideas for summer 2015 to inspire you in creating a cool place where the whole family can hang out in.

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How Your Home Can Benefit from a Beautiful Garden

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When building a new home, it’s easy to put all of your attention on the house and neglect your front and backyard. And that makes total sense; after all, the structure of your home, its interior, and its general layout are immensely important, and you’ll want to make sure everything is to your liking. But, with that said, don’t forget about your yards. Here are five ways your new home can benefit from a beautiful garden.

It Can Extend Your Entertainment Space

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A well manicured backyard garden can increase your at-home entertainment options. And this is perfect during summer and on those days when the weather is almost begging you to come outside. Instead of having to entertain guests in the living room or kitchen, homeowners with a beautiful garden can take everything outside and catch up with friends or family surrounded by colourful flowers, tons of plants, and the sound of trickling water.

More Privacy

Depending on what kind of garden you build and how high your fence is, a home garden can give both you and your family more privacy in your backyard space. Shade trees are best for creating a more private and secluded space, but they will take some time to grow. Just be patient and you’ll have a nice little private retreat just outside your back door in no time at all.

It Will Increase the Value of Your Home

According to landscape economist John Harris, a well-landscaped garden can increase the value of your home by up to 28%. In general, home buyers are looking for a home that’s fit for moving in right away and doesn’t require much work. A home with a poorly maintained garden, or none at all, can scare away potential buyers and lower the value of your home. This is why quality landscaping is valued by any home building agency that offers house and land packages, such as Coral Homes.

It Can Save You Money

vegetable garden

vegetable garden (Image from flickr)

Not only will a beautiful garden get you more money when it comes time to sell your home, but, if you plant shade trees as soon as you move in, the added shade these trees provide can cut your cooling costs by as much as 40%. Large trees can block out much of the sun and leave your home naturally cooler during those scorching hot summer days. Also, if you create a little herb and vegetable garden in your backyard, then you can also save both time and money as you won’t have to make those short trips to the supermarket to grab some thyme, rosemary, or a fresh lettuce; you’ll have everything on hand, right in your own garden.

Better Air Quality in Your Home

Finally, if your garden starts or ends inside your home, then your plants can actually clear the air of environmental toxins. Plants such as English ivy, gerbera daisies, peace lilies, and bamboo palm are especially good at improving the quality of the air in your home.

Can you think of any other ways a beautiful home garden can improve your home? Leave your comments in the section below and help others see the light in building a garden in their backyard.

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How to Decorate Your Hallway

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Hallways are great areas of the home to decorate. Many people get overwhelmed with this space. It can be narrow, and it is hard to know what furnishings to use in the area. Most of the time, all you need to enhance this space is a few fun accessories and a great hallway table. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Use Multifunctional Accessories

First, when you are decorating a hallway, multifunctional accessories come in handy. They will help you make the most of your small space. For example, you can find a cute hook to store coats, bags, or other items. You can also invest in a few bins for added storage. There are several great bins that look great and help you conserve space at the same time.

Choose the Right Size Table

hallway, hallway table, decorating hallways

A table in the hallway can be a great addition to this space. It is often visually stimulating, and it can allow you to display decorative elements like a plant, picture frames, and artwork. When you are searching for a hallway table, it is important to choose the right size. If the table is too large, then you will close off the space in the hallway. This will make it difficult for people to walk through the area. On the other hand, small tables in larger hallways can sometimes look out of place.

Display Hanging Shelves

hanging shelves

Hanging shelves are a great decorative element in a hallway. They add dimension to this space, and they provide you with extra room for storage or decorations. It usually looks nice to hang these shelves over a table. Some people also create a fun gallery wall with the shelves.

Pick the Right Paint Color

The hallway is usually not the place for an accent wall. Instead, it is often better to keep the color of these walls in this area consistent with the rest of home. If your home is smaller, a darker color might make the hallway seem narrower. However, many larger hallways look great with darker colors.

Avoid Clutter

Finally, when you are decorating the hallway, avoid too much clutter. If this area gets cluttered, it will be difficult for people to walk through the halls of your house. When this happens, your design is not effective. Less is more if things are going to get in the way.

Have fun making your hallway look beautiful. This area of the house is noticed quite frequently, and too often people do not decorate it properly. With these suggestions, you can make the most of your space.

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