Three Home Safety Strategies You Should Implement Immediately

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These days, more and more homeowners are realizing that placing primacy on the safety of their private living space is important. By making safety a priority, homeowners can preclude themselves and their loved ones from falling prey to life-endangering accidents and mishaps. If you’re interested in optimizing the safety of your home immediately, consider implementing the following strategies today:

1. Elevated Deck Systems Installation.

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As many home design experts know, elevated decks can increase the safety of your home. The elevated pedestal/paver system is effective in raising the surface of your deck to the entry threshold, thereby meeting the ADA’s requirements while also permitting safe, easy access. The end result of the installation is sufficient drainage and the prevention of water puddling on the deck’s surface. Companies like Elevated Deck Systems can install the systems near pedestrian walkways, patio areas, and pool decks. Learn more today by visiting the company website at

2. Home Security System Installation.

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In this technological era, home security systems are all the rage. Although each system is different, the home security system basically comes with technologically advanced features such as automated door locking and unlocking as well as e-mail and text message updates that inform you of any suspicious activity transpiring on your property.

3. Be Discreet On Social Media.

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These days, many people are passionate and consistent about connecting with friends and/or family members via social channels such as Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook. However, one of the dangers of communicating with people on these public channels is giving away too much private information. For example, some people might use Twitter as a medium through which to tell another person that they are going on vacation. This type of activity is not prudent because criminals can take this information and use it as a springboard to decide when to break in. For this reason, being discreet on social media regarding your general activity is important and advantageous.


If you’re serious about ensuring that your home is safe and secure as possible, there are at least three ways to realize your objective. By installing an elevated deck system or home security system and being discreet on social media, you’ll likely find that your private living space becomes safer than ever.

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Why Eco Friendly Radiators Are Ideal For Modern Family Homes

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We all want to create a healthy environment for our families in today’s technology driven world, and ensuring a home uses green heating technology is vital for achieving this.

Electric radiators may not sound as if they should be associated with green living, but modern electric heating technology can now create a home heating experience that no other can match in efficiency.

Just by replacing the wasteful and unsightly night storage heaters that many homes still use with a trendy modern radiator, a home will lose a large amount of its carbon footprint while ensuring a clearer environment for everyone.

What are night storage heaters?

When night storage heaters became popular in the 1970s, little was known about their long term usage. Manufacturers and customers alike were more concerned with selling an easy to use system that kept costs low.

Night storage heaters are now regarded as outdated model of heater unfavourable to the environment. This is because they release small amounts of carbon, which gradually has a significant impact on the atmosphere over time; adding to the crisis of global warming.

Harmful to human health

Night storage heaters can also have a detrimental effect on human health as well due to the carbon dust release affecting our respiratory systems, with cases of soreness and inflammation in the lungs being linked to storage heater use.

Children are particularly at risk of being affected by carbon elements, as their immune systems are not developed enough to completely fend off hazardous materials.

Although this certainly doesn’t mean that adults aren’t affected too. Asthma sufferers of all ages are at risk from carbon release, causing them to experience increased asthmatic symptoms.

What can electric radiators do different?

Today’s radiators are more efficient than past designs because they utilize cutting-edge technology that requires less energy to run without threatening the environment.

Such technology includes the popular Magmatic Heat Retention design which relies on the use of unique tablets that stores the generated heat in order to gradually release it after the radiator automatically switches itself off. This works as a modernised equivalent to storage heaters, only without danger to human health or the environment.

As they need less energy to function, electric radiators have the dual benefit of decreasing costs while reducing the electricity required.

Safer for the home

Electric radiator designs are far removed from the clunky appearance of old storage heaters as they are compact, stylish and safe. These Radiators can be wall mounted or stored in safe areas that keeps them out of reach of young children, such as being situated behind furniture or shelving.

The position of a radiator won’t cause a loss of heat because 21st century technology allows for heat to be distributed evenly around a room, even when the radiator is surrounded by objects in the home.

Make your family home stylish

The other great benefit of modern electric radiators is that they are very stylish; a far cry from the old storage heaters of yesteryear. These new designs can match the contemporary home décor of any room in a home thanks to sleek designs that come in a variety of different colours, with a different shade for each room if required.

Safer materials

Modern radiators also have the benefit of being crafted with strong materials like chrome and nickel, which not only cut down on the inevitability of radiator corrosion, but also make the sound of a radiator’s internal mechanics quieter, preventing disruption around the home.

When you switch to an eco-friendly radiator you will make your home a safer place for your family while reducing your home’s carbon footprint.

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Natural Fibres to Use in your Bedroom

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There’s something comforting about snuggling up under a warm wool quilt or kicking back in cotton sheets, and your go-natural approach doesn’t have to end there. There are a host of options for going natural in the bedroom that will ensure you get a perfect, uninterrupted night’s sleep. Whether you suffer allergies or just like the crisp feel of using natural products, the bedroom is the perfect place to employ the use of natural fibres.

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Renowned for its anti-allergen and insulation properties, wool is one of the go-to products for the boudoir whether you utilise wool quilts, pillows or underlays. Wool bedding comes in a variety of weights and paddings, meaning it’s easy to select the perfect product to suit your sleeping arrangements. Wool product companies such as MiniJumbuk specialise in wool bedding so it’s worth checking out the MiniJumbuk website; for some ideas and advice.

Some of the great features of wool are that it’s very easy to care for, tends not to retain moisture and, if looked after, will serve you for many years to come. And while we’re talking wool, don’t forget woollen rugs and carpets. Natural fibre flooring also deters dust mites and has a beautiful look.

Feather down

Like wool, feather and down bedding has great insulation and hygiene qualities, and is also easy to care for. Whether used for quilts or pillows, feather and down provides great warmth for its weight and re-plumps to shape readily. As a natural fibre, it resists moisture and dust mites, making it another perfect option for those with allergies and asthma.


Crisp, clean, cotton sheets have to be one of life’s little luxuries and are a must-have for the bedroom. Cotton breathes well, so is perfect for bedding as it draws moisture away from your skin. While cool on warm nights, it also helps retain warmth when the weather’s chillier. Like wool, cotton is a hypo-allergenic fabric, meaning it’s great for allergy sufferers and those with sensitive skin. A good set of cotton sheets will also wash and wear well over time, so check the label to ensure it’s 100 per cent cotton you’re slumbering upon. Likewise, cotton quilt covers are fresh and easy to care for with the same attributes as sheets.


In recent years bamboo has been increasingly used for bed linen and bedding. A readily available resource, bamboo feels like silk, yet is fully breathable. Again bamboo boasts anti-allergen properties and is highly absorbent, making it perfect for hot summer nights. Bamboo is even considered antibacterial due to the structure of the fibres.


Nothing says luxury quite like mohair and a mohair blanket or throw is a beautiful addition to any bedroom. Made from the wool of Angora goats, mohair is soft and renowned for its shine and lustre. Like wool, it has great insulating properties and also repels moisture, keeping it cool in summer.

Not only are natural fibres great for allergy sufferers and renowned for their breathability and moderating temperature, they are more sustainable than their synthetic counterparts. This means you’re not only doing yourself a favour by using them, you’re helping the environment a little as well.

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Eco-Friendly Home Organizational Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

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One way you can alleviate stress in your life is to get rid of the junk inside of your home. Keep clutter at bay with these eco-friendly home organizational tools.

Bamboo Bathroom Décor

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A bamboo bath and vanity set can help improve the décor in your bathroom and provide you with more storage space for all of your beauty and health products. In addition to a bamboo vanity set, you can use other bamboo bathroom accessories such as a hand towel tray, wastebasket, and a soap dispenser to organize and spruce up your bathroom. Bamboo bathroom accessories and storage products are very appealing, and they hold up well in areas like the bathroom, where humidity is high.

Bamboo Storage Bins and Carts

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Bamboo storage bins are perfect for those smaller items that you want to keep grouped together but do not want to dedicate any of your precious counter and cabinet space for. Bamboo storage bins can be used as drawers on desks and tables or alone as décor. Carts are ideal for small kitchens and bathrooms where there may not be a lot of space to move around in. Carts can be used for storage or additional workspace. When they are not in use, roll them into a corner to keep them out of the way.

Shelves and Hooks

The use of shelves can open up a room and add some much-needed space since they can be placed practically anywhere. Consider adding a variety of shelving to the den, kitchen, bathroom, and garage areas to gain the maximum amount of storage capacity and utility for your space. Shelves can also add an extra touch to the décor in any room. Hooks, meanwhile, can be used in entryways, bathrooms, and anywhere in the home where there is not enough space to hang coats, towels, or other articles of clothing. You can also use hooks to hang up your pots and pans if your kitchen does not have much cabinet space.

It is not necessary for you to spend money on renovations to declutter your home. Discover additional eco-friendly organization changes to keep your home clutter-free while doing your part to save the environment.

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Create More Room in Your House

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We can have big houses and still not have enough space. That is because the truth is, we accumulate stuff almost every day. It can be because we are compulsive shoppers and we just can’t help buying things that we see at the store or when we browse online. Or, we get a lot of gifts that often remain unused because we don’t really need them.

All of these things get piled up everywhere in the house, especially the garage. And now, you have to park your car outside because there is just no more room inside your property.

The good thing is, all this can change. You can create more room in your house by de-cluttering. Start by spending one weekend cleaning up your closet, then your cupboards, then the other rooms in the house. You will realize that you have so many things that you do not use anymore or have never used at all. That means that you do not need these things in your life. They are just lying there, adding to the mess in your house.

Now, you have to decide what to do with these unused things. Get two to three big boxes and segregate them. You can label them according to how you will classify your stuff—For Resale, For Charity, For Trash—or whatever you would want to do with your stuff. Add more boxes as needed.

After you have segregated everything, get to moving and post photos in online classifieds of the things that you want to sell and deliver the stuff that you are going to give away. And by all means, dump the rest in the trash. When all of that is done, use the vacuum cleaner to rid your house of all the dust that has been stimulated because of your little de-cluttering project.

In the end, you will not only create a more room in your house but you have also cleaned it from the dust that has gathered there for a very long time.

Do this de-cluttering activity at least once in every two years and you will not have a problem with storage anymore. Plus, you get a cleaner home.

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Tools for Electrical Safety Inspection at Home

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Homeowners would typically schedule the routine inspection and repair of roof and plumbing during the spring or summer season. But aside from the maintenance of the home structure, electrical components should also be inspected on a regular basis to keep the home safe from fire or electrical accidents. This can be done with the help of an electrician or by the homeowner himself. This is provided that he is equipped with basic know-how and safety gear for the inspection.

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There are some cool gadgets that can help you check the safety of your fuses, wiring, and outlets without exposing you to too much risk. Electrical testers can help you go over your electrical safety checklist in a jiffy. They are also handy when it comes to trouble shooting malfunctioning electrical appliances or outlets. A non-contact volt probe lets you check for voltage presence when working with sockets, fuses, or circuit breakers. This will help you double check if the power is really turned off before touching any socket or outlet that you plan to inspect. Another handy tool that you can use for your inspection is the Wiring Inspector Circuit Tester. It can help you verify if the wiring in your building complies with the electrical code by just plugging it in an outlet.

There are other electrical testers that you may want to add to your electrical tool box. This can include socket testers, LCR testers, current testers and LAN testers. The Shortstop AC Leakage current tester can help you test safety of small tools, appliances, and extension cords that are frequently used at home. These gadgets are cool, handy, and safe for both neophytes and professional electricians.

When it comes to electrical safety at home, going for professional help is often the best option. But it doesn’t hurt to have a few fancy gadgets around just in case the professionals are not available.

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