Transforming Rooms for a Space Efficient Home

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Switching to a green lifestyle involves a conscious effort to conserve resources and make the most out of everything around you, including space. Homeowners who need extra space for their growing needs usually have two options. One is to build an extra room or create an extension or move into a bigger house. However, there is also the option of exploring the house for underutilized space and converting it into one that serves your need better. For instance, an attic that is used for storing old and discarded items may be transformed into an office loft or a personal nook where one can be more productive.

The attic and loft areas are commonly used as storage spaces or extra bedrooms for guests, but it can also be a good office space for those who work at home. There are several things to consider when redecorating your home attic and transforming it into an office loft. First is the layout, you need to know the amount of available space you have and how to distribute available space according to your needs. You may also want to check the access point and decide whether you want to make adjustments on it too. Ladder or spiral stairs that are sometimes used to access the attic can be difficult to use when carrying bulky objects. You may want to consider changing it into traditional stairs if you plan to turn it into an office.

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Another consideration is the furnishing and storage. You would want to create a space that inspires you to be productive. This requires good lighting and ventilation, ergonomic furnishings, and stylish decors. You can tap into your green side and have a few glass or clear roof panels installed so you can take advantage of natural light and save on light bulbs and electricity. Find office furnishings that are equally efficient in covering both utility and decorative requirements of your work area so you can also save on décor costs. Gorgeous furnishings with multiple functions for work and storage are sometimes worth the splurge.

Converting storage spaces like the attic into an office loft offers two benefits to home owners. One is you get to de-clutter and you get extra space that can help you be more productive.

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Space Saving Wardrobe Revamp

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It’s time for a renovation as our room fixtures are getting to be quite drab. I do not really want to make any big changes and would like to go minimalist in my redesign. That’s why I’m thinking about sliding door wardrobes to replace my existing accordion louvered closet doors. This kind of doors are more space saving since there is no need to have a space allowance for when the doors are swung open. In considering this space saving wardrobe option, here is a quick checklist to follow:

  1. Choose Materials. Just like any other type of wardrobe doors, sliding doors can be made of different materials. It is important to choose materials not only based on their aesthetics but also based on durability. You want wardrobe doors that will not accidentally fall on you or jump off their tracks.
  2. Choose a Design. Of course, the wardrobe doors that you choose should match your room décor. The color scheme and the wood grain should complement the look and ambiance of the room. Some homeowners choose to have mirrored sliding wardrobe doors to create an illusion of more space. There are also sectioned designs where you can have different patterns and colors in each door panel.
  3. Choose a Supplier. There are a lot of companies that offer sliding doors. There are those that can supply you with the doors and leave you to do the installation yourself. There are also those that offer you the entire range of services from design consultation to actual installation. There is even a website that allows you to simulate the sliding door configuration that you want to have. Once you complete your design, the site can patch you up with a designer for consultation. You want to work with a supplier that offers you the kind of services and level of attention that you need.

I’m pretty settled on the idea of having new sliding doors installed. But, I’ve yet to get started on the design. Perhaps, it would be wise for me to take advantage of the convenience of the online design consultations offered by Simply Sliding Wardrobes. While I’m at it, I guess I’ll have to think about how I could maximize space on my entire wardrobe as well.

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Choosing Kitchen and Dining Furnishings for Comfort and Efficiency

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The dining and kitchen areas aren’t just spaces for eating or food preparation. These are also bonding places where friends and family can talk while preparing and enjoying meals together. Finding the right furnishings for kitchen and dining areas can help create a look that blends efficiency and comfort. Making it an ideal place to work on meals while entertaining family and friends. Homemakers can start with the basic furnishings and work their way up to the accents that can fit the budget.

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The design and layout of the house is the first consideration in choosing the style of furnishings that would go in each room. A regular kitchen would require a sink, countertops, cupboard or storage, and cooking appliances like stove or oven, refrigerator, coffee maker etc. Other appliances or furnishings like kitchen table may be added depending on the available space. Homes with open spaces usually make use of kitchen islands that allow at least two people to cook at the same time. This furnishing is perfect for cooking with family members or guests.

For the dining area, the basic requirements are table and chairs. Aside from the dining needs of the family, the size, style and finish are also commonly considered in choosing a dinner table. Those who want to make their dining rooms look more special can put wall decors or additional furnishings like a china cabinet. Table accents and meal props should also be available. Accessories like table runners, center piece, place mats, coasters, and table napkins. Homemakers can invest in a few sets of these accessories for special occasions or mix and match them to create a unique dinner theme for guests. Dinner will not be possible without a complete set of tableware. China and silverware are often reserved for formal dinners but one can also find some great looking and affordable dishes for everyday use or for casual gatherings.

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Get the Patio Ready

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patio, patio furniture, indoor patio furniture, outdoor patio furnitureAny time of year is a good time to reinvent the patio but no better time than spring. It’s the time of year that new patio furniture is almost mandatory.

Prepare for new outdoor patio furniture by first clearing out the old furniture. If it’s still in good condition, consider selling it and applying the money to your new set or accessories to go with the new patio set.

Depending on the type of patio you have, consider power washing the dust and cobwebs that have built up where the old furniture was placed. You’ll be amazed at how much a simple power wash will improve the look of your space. The new patio furniture will look even better on a clean patio.

The next step in preparing for new patio furniture is to determine how many pieces you’ll need. How much seating do you need? Do you want a chaise lounge or a loveseat? How many tables will you need? These are all things to consider when deciding the type of outdoor patio furniture you want.

Next, measure the space versus the measurements of the new set. You may come across a patio set that you really want but you’ll be disappointed if you get it home and realize not all the pieces fit.

The accessories are often overlooked but can make a huge difference in the appearance of your patio and can really bring out the new patio set you’ve purchased. Some accessories to consider include outdoor plants, pillows, lighting, and table décor. And don’t forget the grill of course because once the patio is redone you’ll want to show it off.

Some outdoor patio furniture sets will come with the ability to add an umbrella for shade. If the table to the set doesn’t already have a pre-cut hole to hold an umbrella, don’t worry; there are free-standing umbrellas available. Free-standing umbrellas are convenient because you can place them wherever you need shade.

The last thing to consider for your new patio set are covers that will help you keep your furniture looking new and lasting longer. Patio furniture covers come in a variety of shapes and sizes suitable for any size furniture.

Now that you’ve cleaned the patio area, taken measurements and determined the type of patio furniture you want, and of course selected your accessories; it’s time to begin the search for your new patio set. Enjoy the process, after all; picking out the new furniture is the fun part.

Author: Sydney Spence is a guest author who writes on numerous topics including home improvement.

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