Eco-Friendly Costume Jewellry

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Do not be surprised if you see someone wearing earring made from silver eagle coins. It is because costume jewelries can be made from various recyclable materials. You can even create your own accessories made from various materials that you seen around your house which were used by popular designers too, this could be any of the following:

  • Postage stamps from all over the world can be made into a jewelry piece which are also great conversation materials.
  • Silverplate spoons will definitely make perfect bracelets or bangles.
  • Turn your old typewriter keys into a beautiful bracelet, pair of earrings or even necklace pendant. Typewriter keys would also look perfectly well as cufflinks.
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Earth Friendly Craft Ideas

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Inside your home, you will find a lot of stuff that seem to be useless. With a help of little creativity, you can come up with earth-friendly crafts out of these things. Doing crafts with your kids is also a great family activity; here are some simple craft ideas for your home:

  • Hotplate made of cork; simply gather all used wine bottle corks. Arrange them in circle depending on the size that you want the tighten them together using metal hose as clamp.
  • Create a beautiful quilt out of your scarves. Cut in the excess scarves inside your drawer in the same length and you sew them together.
  • Your old candles can create new candles too. Simply gather all your burnt candles and put them together inside a pot over a low flame. Melt them and add a little scented oil. Slowly pour melted wax in a bottle or can that will serve as candle molder.
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Forkalier Lamp: A pendant lamp made of recycled utensils

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Neglecting utensils is definitely not my cup of tea. I use all of my kitchen utensils until they are not safe enough like when they started to rust, deform, and the like. As we discard these utensils, we are adding them to our landfills and we all know it can harm the environment. We can do something about it. Recycling is just a few of the many possibilities that can be done with discarded utensils and the Forkalier is just one of the few proofs that our old utensils can still be useful in a way that can cause zero to less harm to the environment.


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Recycled Jeans as your fancy organizer

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As our favorite jeans or denims torn out, we normally have them destined to our landfills. Yes, fabric can decompose a little faster than plastic, but would it be a better thing to do if we have our old jeans and denims recycled instead of just tossing them to our garbage? Dbcohen, a seller in Etsy thought of recycling old jeans or denims and created the hip and fancy organizer using diaper boxes lined by old and recycled jeans. Looking at the product photos, this will be ideal in keeping not only your kids’ diapers but also your small items at home. It surely will help you keep all the clutters gone while keeping the environment safe.

Recycled Jeans Organizer

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Glass tiles: keeps your home stylish and eco-friendly

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One can live the eco-friendly life without sacrificing style and comfort. When it comes to our home’s interior design, we tend to use eye-catching and elegant materials like glass tiles, ceramic tiles, wood laminates, and the like. Glass tiles can be made from recycled materials like your old wine glasses and more. In this way, there will be no more harmful bottles in our landfills, and landfills will be minimized drastically. Combining different bottle colors create a unique artistic ambiance to your home. Glass tiles can be your perfect decorative tiles for your bathroom walls or floors, countertops, kitchen walls, and more.

Glass Tiles

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Re-purposed Your Old Vinyl Record And Minimize Landfills

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If you are familiar with those classic turntables, then you probably know what vinyl record is. Since we can rarely see any fully functional turntable nowadays, mostly of our vinyl records are normally destined to our landfill, which is not good for the environment. Re-purpose your old vinyl records now and minimize landfill by making them as your new vinyl record bowl. Doing this is simple, for all you need are an old vinyl record, oven safe bowl, baking sheet, oven and hot mitts. Place the vinyl record into your oven safe bowl, place it into your oven for 5-10 minutes. When the record started to soften take it out and mold it using another bowl of the same size you used in the oven. After doing so, you already have an eco-bowl for your fruits, potted plants and more.

Vinyl Record Bowl

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