Create Your Green Home Furniture With ZBoard

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With the aim to help us greening our home, Waybasic’s Zboard is born. Using the Zboards for your furniture requires no tools at all when assembling. The Zboards are equipped with extremely strong 3M brand adhesive, which eventually the reason you won’t see any tools like screws or nails inside the Zboard packaging. All you have to do is to peel off the board’s protective covering and stick the blocks together to form your desired home furniture. Even though this eco-friendly building block material is made of recycled paper, they are strong and sturdy like those engineered wood furniture that we are used to.


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The Blow Sofa: An Eco Friendly Furniture From Malaflor

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Stylish furniture sets normally are made from first hand materials, but not The Blow Sofa from Malaflor. This one of a kind stylish furniture is made from 100% recycled paper dunnage bags, wherein one can inflate it and have is placed in a metal rack and rubber strap to have a snug fit and eventually have an easy to transport temporary sofa. Despite of it being temporary, the blow sofa also has the unique look that will surely match with any home décors and interior design. In addition, being made from a recycled item, this is great in minimizing our landfills and eventually saving the environment.

The Blow Sofa

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Signage Made From Recycled Bottle Caps

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jacks backyardAs we open our favorite drinks, bottle caps are immediately destined to be on the trashcan and eventually thrown to the mountains of landfills that we currently have. In order to help in minimizing the continuous growth of our landfills, artist Alan Harris of Bottle Cap Artwork, have come into a solution by recycling these discarded bottle caps and uses it in creating a stylish signage. According to Alan, all of the bottle caps that we see on his signage are all collected and are used caps. An eye-catching signage for Jack’s Backyard was Alan’s first project in late 2008. Currently his studio has more than 10,000 bottle caps available for recycling.

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Christmas Décor Made From Recycled Items

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Christmas time is near and many of us are now busy decorating our homes with Christmas themed decors. Designer Amalia Versaci comes with a stylish and eco-friendly Christmas décor that is made from recycled items.

One of her great creation is the Christmas décor made from recycled vintage zippers. The colored zipper head are thengreen christmas decor arranged artistically and are stick unto a porcelain base. With these affordable and environment friendly creations, celebrating Christmas can still be joyous, merry, and bright without the need to spend too much whilst keeping the environment safe at the same time. Aside from the vintage zippers, other items like used bulb, rusted roofing tin and more are also recycled for the same purpose.

If interested,you can buy it at her Etsy shop

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