Help Save the Earth with the Three R’s

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Each year millions of people make a pledge on April 22nd to do their part and help leave the earth more inhabitable for future generations. This year marks the 44th celebration of Earth Day and as it gets closer, we thought we’d share a few ideas on how you can become more green…

reduce, reuse, recycle, earth day

Reduce – There is an easy way to reduce the amount of cleaning products you use, no matter if it’s for house cleaning, laundry, or bath products. By installing a water softener, like the ones made by Harvey Water Softeners, you can reduce the amount of soaps used by as much as 50%. When water is softer, shampoo will lather easier, laundry detergent can penetrate clothing faster, and dish soap solvents bond with the grease on your dirty dishes quicker. A water softener means that not only will you use less soap but your water consumption will go down, saving your pocket book as well as the environment.

Reuse – Purchasing “green” cleaners are better for the environment, but you don’t have to toss them in the recycling bins when emptied. Simply refill the spray bottle with two parts water and one part vinegar to create a new cleaning solution. Less bottles being bought equals less bottles being produced which, in turn, results in less petrol being used.

Recycle – Purchasing products that are meant for the recycling bin is a major step towards leaving the earth clean than you found it. By spending a few extra moments reading the labels can ensure you aren’t bringing home containers that can only be tossed in the trash. And if you’re feeling extra motivated, see what you can do on a city level. Does your city have a curb-side recycling program? If not, start lobbying the city council to integrate one into your town’s waste management program. Are there recycling bins downtown? See if the town will add them next to all of the public trashcans.

What do you do to celebrate Earth Day? Will your family be making any changes this year to help save the planet?

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A Quick Look at Paper Recycling

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paper recyclingWith the earth’s natural resources slowly deteriorating, paper recycling or the process of turning used paper into new ones has become a valuable option nowadays. It has gained the nod of many because it uses half the energy that is used to manufacture new paper. To appreciate the said process, it would be best to read the rest of the article.

Paper recycling utilizes used paper and merges them with fresh wood pulp to produce new paper. Unlike plastic and aluminium that can be used over and over, paper can only be recycled up to six times since its fibres tend to become very weak after being reused for a couple of times. Fresh pulp is used in the process to strengthen recycled paper to help it become more durable.

Benefits of Paper Recycling

The primary benefit of paper recycling is it reduces the amount of paper that may find its way to landfills. It should be noted that rotten paper creates methane, a chemical that is major contributor of global warming. Paper recycling also reduces pollution that may be produced in the fabrication process and paves the way to less disruption of natural resources.

Even though many trees are planted and replanted each time new paper is produced, it is always good to engage in paper recycling because it reduces the amount of trees that would be cut to produce new ones.

What Kinds of Paper are recycled the Most?

Some of the most commonly recycled papers are newspapers, plain white papers, cardboards, magazines, and construction papers. On the other those that are not appropriate for recycling are those that are coated with plastic or aluminium foil.

In the process of recycling, high grade paper like white and coloured office papers are separated from low grade ones such as newspapers, cardboards, and magazines. Afterwards, they are transported to processing mills to undergo the necessary procedures.


Individuals who are interested in paper recycling can contact recycling companies to schedule pickup. It is essential to keep paper materials dry so that their good qualities will not go to waste.

On the other hand, those who do not have the budget for the said investment may drop off their recyclable paper on bins that can be found on civic centres as well as supermarkets.

In the end, paper recycling is a simple undertaking that anyone can perform to help the environment in a very big way.

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Top Eco-Friendly Jobs

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In the past few decades being eco-friendly has become more important than ever. It is because of the devastating effects of climate change has emerged globally. Majority of the people are aware of global warming and there are several measures taken to address the problems with proper waste management and recycling. The increase of awareness to prevent worsening climate change, there are eco-friendly jobs that have been created and they have new roles to portray.

  • Climatologist – it is the person who practices in assessing the weather conditions. They play a very important role because they help in evaluating and predicting future climate. Climatologists also help predict how human activities can affect the earth.
  • Hydrologist – is the one in-charge to manage the efficient flow of water into every home. They also cover waste water treatment and sewers to make sure that clean water is available in every house in a cost effective manner.
  • Forester – it is very unfortunate that more and more trees are being used to supply the human needs such as paper, toilet roll and furniture. Foresters help manage and care for the forest ensuring biodiversity and good air quality is maintained at all time.

If you wish to apply on any of these jobs, be ready for the usual employment background checks. It is because they also wanted to make sure that people who will be given the task to take care of the environment are trusted individuals too.


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What Makes Musicians Eco-friendly

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Everyone is doing their part to save Mother Earth there are even eco-friendly musicians. If you have not heard of these eco-friendly musicians or bands and you wonder how they help in greening the music industry; well here are some characteristics of eco-friendly musicians/bands.

  • Musicians drive most of the time especially if they have tours. Instead of spending much money on regular fuel these musicians/bands use vegetable oil to run their vehicles. Some even collect and filter the used vegetable oil from their favorite restaurants.
  • Eco-friendly musicians power the batteries of his gadgets with the help of solar panels. They save a lot in electricity because they use the natural source.
  • CDs are handprinted on recycled cardboards and they do not use plastic.
  • Guitar picks are made of bio-compostable and eco-friendly materials. These guitar picks offer the same strength and durability as the standard guitar picks.

As you listen to your favorite bands/musician sing over the  mxl microphones, it is best to know if they are one of the very few eco-friendly musicians that we have. If so, help them spread their advocacy towards saving and preserving mother Earth.

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How to Have an Earth-Friendly Summer

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To keep you cool during the hot summer months will require you to use costly energy and probably high electric bill too. Here are some ways to make your house comfortable and cool without consuming too much energy and the need to setup Pergola Kits too:

  • Use a programmable thermostat to set the air conditioner to start at least half an hour before you reach home. In this manner, you can easily turn off the AC when you no longer need it.
  • Do not place any appliance near the AC thermostat because it could sense the heat emitted by those appliances.
  • It is much better to put the AC under the shade so that you can save as much as 10% of electricity.
  • Before the summer months begin, make sure that the AC filters are clean for more efficiency and to prolong the life of the AC unit too.
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Planning Your Eco-friendly Wedding Day

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Wedding is one of the most special events in one’s life; hence we want everything to be perfect and beautiful. Everything must be well-planned from the bride’s wedding gown, to the photographers like the wedding photographers Raleigh nc, and down to the wedding favors. It is a day filled with love and it could also be an opportunity for you to show your passion for the environment. Here are some suggestions on how you should make your wedding eco-friendly:

  • Go for Eco-friendly invitations by using tree-free or 100% recycled paper.
  • Choose wedding rings which are made of recycled precious stones and metals.
  • Use organic or locally grown flowers to make the wedding more eco-friendly.
  • Wedding favors must carry an eco-friendly theme that will inspire guests to become more aware about the condition of the environment.
  • Leftover foods should be donated instead of just throwing them.
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