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Ironically enough cleaning is actually one of the messiest things you can do in regards to the world around you. This is most disappointing due to the fact that green cleaning is actually almost as easy as cleaning with every hazardous chemical on the planet. Unless you happen to work in a hospital, or clean industrial ovens for a living you shouldn’t need to have too much of an impact on the environment while cleaning.

Never Underestimate the Basics

Fresh air, sunlight, boiling water and a little patience. These are the basic things that can deal with 90% of the problems you’ll encounter in your day to day cleaning. Boiling water for stains, fresh air and sunlight for smells. Unless something is actually growing on the thing you’re trying to clean this should at least make a bit of an impact on keeping things smelling fresh and stain free. For a little effort and not getting things done right RIGHT now you can save litres of cleaning products over a year.

Natural Alternatives

The truth is a lot of the cleaning products that harm the environment aren’t actually all that necessary. You would be amazed what simple white vinegar can do for you. Mixing it with a few other household products can clean pretty much anything. Sinks? Vinegar. Benches? Vinegar. Bathrooms? Vinegar. Baking soda, essential oils, lemon juice, any of these can be used as a substitute for a cleaning product that is horrible for the environment in certain situations. Look around the internet, a simple google search can give you a long list of ways in which you can use little things to make a big impact. Honestly almost every household chore can be handled with pretty much the exact same ease with a much less harmful product.

Dealing with Professional Products

As hard as we may try some things just cannot be dealt with by using home made products. Some chores are too hard, too delicate or just take way too much effort not to use a professional standard cleaner to do it. This doesn’t mean there’s no opportunities to lower your environmental impact. Research your product. This can be as simple as looking at the product to see if there’s a recyclable symbol, or a statement about the importance of the environment, at worst, google the product and see if someone objects to it. Simple as that.


For the really big jobs it might be time to call in the pros, but be careful which pros you get. The fact you’re not doing the cleaning makes you no less responsible for the impact. Take a look at the website and see if they are a company that prioritizes environmentally friendly products, like AMC cleaning service over one that has other priorities.

Being environmentally friendly is important. We’re all responsible for the impact we make to the planet, especially since the only cost for friendliness is a little extra time, or maybe a little research.

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