holiday seasonThe Christmas Holidays are over and it’s time to say goodbye to the festive garlands and get the house back in its usual state of order. Aside from the holiday decors, the house usually accumulates extra clutter from entertaining guests and receiving presents from well wishers. The kitchen and pantry also gets fully loaded with left over supplies and food baskets from gift givers. As such, a bit of cleaning and organizing around the house is needed to start the year right.

There is no need to turn the house upside down for a post holiday clean-up. Homemakers simply need to take down the tree and other holiday themed decors and organize the gift items that they got during the holidays. Christmas decorations need to be packed carefully so they can be preserved and re-used as long as possible. Those who prefer fresh new looks for the house every holiday season can simply repurpose or reinvent old decors so they can also help protect the environment while giving in to their creative inclinations. One can place living room decors in one box and dining, or kitchen decors in another to help them keep tabs on their materials. Putting labels on the boxes before storing them will make it easier to bring them out for the next holiday season.

As for organizing the gifts received during the holidays, each family member has to take responsibility for managing their personal clutter. Kids may receive toys that they already have, and one can only have so much plates and serving dishes in the kitchen. In cases where duplicate items are involved, recipients may dispose of the old items in favor of the new. They can be organized into boxes that are for keeps, for selling, and for giving away.

Doing these tasks may be a holiday damper for the young ones, but it can be made more fun with every member pitching in on it. Besides, it is the whole family who gets to benefit from a clean and well organized home at the start of the year.

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