You see them almost everywhere: in print, on the billboards on your way to and from work, and on TV.Advertisements about Hollywood blockbusters continue to sprout like mushrooms in nearly every possible nook and cranny.You can count with the fingers on your hand the number of what you might call really quality movies.The rest are, for lack of a better word, mediocre.It’s somewhat sad to note that the movies which are worth watching simply drift by us, without us even noticing.The reality is, some good movies don’t have enough budget to go full blast with advertising, as compared to those run-of-the-mill Hollywood flicks.

Luckily, Tiger beer joined forces with the noteworthy magazine Vice, and came up with a stellar project called “The Found Series”.This is a series of three documentaries which seek to explore how interesting people lead creative lives.Episode 1 entitled Lightship95, for instance, tells the story of how Ben Phillips masterfully transforms a 500 tonne moored vessel into a recording studio for artists and bands.

This was supported by the Know The Not Known campaign.This project aims to draw curiosity from consumers, and eventually reward them for it.For instance, consumers are encouraged to look for Tiger references in the campaign artwork.If successful, they are granted exclusive access to events and special offers.In this case, curiosity doesn’t kill the cat.

The fun doesn’t end there.Empire magazine collaborates with Tiger beer to come up with a series of films called “Undiscovered Treasures”.A hundred lucky individuals will get to see quality films at no less than London ’s Soho Hotel.

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