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The holidays are a very magical time for your baby or toddler. They will be amazed by all of the sparkling lights and the presents under the tree and as they get older, they will start to understand the idea of Santa Claus and get excited for his visit. The young years are when many magical Christmas memories are formed that your child will cherish for many years.

However, when you are decorating your home at Christmas time it is important to decorate with the safety of your babies and toddlers in mind. Little ones at this age are incredibly curious and they are always picking things up and putting them in their mouths. Also, they have a tendency to grab at shiny things and pull on them. You might be worried about your little ones disturbing the Christmas tree and potentially injuring themselves. Your child could pull the Christmas tree down on top of themselves, or eat the pine needles and make themselves very ill.

Luckily, there are steps that you can take which will protect your toddler from harm when you are decorating your home for Christmas.

Child Safe Christmas Tree Tips

The Christmas tree is one of the most exciting parts the overall decor, with its flickering lights and sparkling baubles. Your child will be fascinated with it and will very likely want to touch it and play with the ornaments.

The first step is to place your Christmas tree out of reach. This will prevent your child from grasping at the ornaments and potentially putting them in their mouth. You can have a small tree that you place on a table so that your child cannot reach, or you can place child safety gates around the tree.

Of course, as parents of toddlers know – no baby gate or plastic fence is ever completely toddler-proof. There is a good chance that your rambunctious bundle of energy will find a way to climb over the safety gates or knock them down. This means that you should also think carefully about what you put on your tree. You should decorate with ornaments and other decorations that are safe for children to handle. You don’t want your child to swallow pieces of broken ornaments or cut themselves on glass.

If you have breakable ornaments, such as the beautiful ones sold by website such as, then only use them at the top of the tree. Also, you should avoid putting tinsel and other types of strands and garlands within reach of your child. They can grab them and put them in their mouths, which can cause a choking hazard or intestinal obstruction. Keep in mind that toddlers will place almost everything that they encounter in their mouths for testing, so make sure that there is nothing dangerous within their reach.

When it comes to the lights on your tree, you can use LED lights. These are not as hot as regular lights, so your little one will not burn themselves if they touch one. It is also important to secure your tree to the wall, so that it cannot be knocked over. You can do this by using fishing wire – you won’t be able to see it but it will be quite secure.

Fake Tree vs Real Tree

You might love the authentic smell of having a real tree in your home, but having a plastic fake Christmas tree is actually much safer for the children. If a young child swallows the pine needles from a real tree, this can cause them to become very ill. Also, when you place the tree in water some of the chemicals used to preserve it will leech out into the water. If your child swallows any of this water, it could be dangerous for them.

Other Christmas Decorations to Avoid

Another important thing to avoid when you are decorating your home is poinsettias. They are not as poisonous as you might think, but they will still give your toddler a very upset tummy if they end up eating some of the flowers or leaves. It is a better bet to use silk flowers and keep them out of reach of your curious toddler.

Also, avoid using fake cotton snow in your decorations. Your child will be curious about it and it can pose a choking hazard.

These are just a few important points to keep in mind when you are decorating your home, so that you can keep your toddler safe this holiday.

George Torres is a freelance writer and stay at home dad of two lovely kids. He looks forward to Christmas every year almost as much as they do. 

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