autumn decors

The leaves have turned into beautiful shades of yellow, orange, auburn, and gold and are falling ever so gently to the ground like golden snowflakes. As the temperatures dip lower, it’s time to keep the warmth inside your home with some fall decorating tips. Whether you are planning a big autumn party or would simply want to bring the feel of the season into your home, these easy decorating tips will surely be a cinch to pull off.

1. Indoor Foliage – the beautifully colored leaves and branches of fall foliage can bring warmth in any room. You can treat your fall foliage arrangement much as you would your summer flower arrangements. Put maples and redwoods together in a tall arrangement and set them on your entryway table. You can have a long and low arrangement on your fireplace mantel as well. You can have small flower arrangements of violas and pansies punctuated with sprigs of thyme and rosemary for your kitchen and dining areas too.

2. A Bountiful Harvest – the pumpkin is mostly associated with the season. Other than Halloween lanterns, this veggie can be used for your other fall decorating pieces as well. Use giant pumpkins as the base of a big flower arrangement accompanied by several other smaller pumpkin “pots” to greet your guests at your doorstep. You can also carve out small pumpkins, etch an elegant maple leaf design all around, and put a tea light inside for some festive autumn lanterns. Make a topiary made of different sizes of pumpkins and squashes paired with potted green veggies like kale and cabbage for a big fall statement on your porch.

3. The Scents of the Season – pair the colors of autumn with the scent of cinnamon and cloves. Make pomanders of orange and cloves, put them on a rectangular tray, and add some cinnamon bark to enjoy the perky aroma of fall in your home. You can be creative in sticking whole cloves in your oranges by forming interesting patterns. You can also use other materials that are characteristic of fall like twine, branches, and cones. You can even make a hanging aromatic décor with your pomanders. With all these easy DIY fall decorating ideas, you can get your home spruced up for autumn in no time. Check out online sources for more creative ideas to inspire you with your home decorating projects this season.

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