When it comes to finding Direct TV packages, there are several options to consider. You can pick a package based on the number of TV channels, you can compare the types of channels offered in each one, or you may look for special incentives. Regardless of the package you choose, DIRECTV offers standard items with any package. These include getting your local channels like NBC, Fox, ABC, PBS, and CBS, based on your service address and free installation for one to four rooms.

With Direct TV packages, the first thing to consider is how many channels you want to get. The basic package will offer the least amount of channels, while the premier package will have the most, typically over 250. Packages in between will vary in the number, but usually the more expensive a package, the more channels you get. Some Direct TV packages include extra channels, which can include special sports coverage or movie channels. Another thing to consider is how long you will have the channels you want at the introductory price. For example, it’s fairly common for TV providers to include channels like Starz or Showtime free for three months. After three months, the price will increase to the regular rate.

In addition to the type and number of channels, consider promotional deals or incentives. Some Direct TV packages may include equipment like a HD DVR, which you might get for free after an instant rebate. Some packages also factor in an introductory rate for a year and offer you instant credit on your bill. In order to qualify for certain incentives, you may need to sign a contract with the provider. Since 2000, DIRECTV has earned higher customer satisfaction ratings for customer service than other major satellite TV and cable providers, according to the 2009 American Customer Satisfaction Index.