People who would like to have trendy homes need not spend a lot in home renovations and furnishings to be in fad this year. Knowing the latest trends in interior design and choosing elements that they could integrate in their current interiors can be enough to give your home an updated look. Here are some simple DIY projects that you can try to make your interiors trendy this year:

Go Green. Eco friendly designs and decors are very popular nowadays. One can add literally add a touch of green in the house by placing potted indoor plants in the living spaces or using framed plant screens as dividers or wall accents. They can also use their creative talents by using furnishings and decors made from re-purposed objects. One way to minimize waste around the house is to use discarded objects or materials for a new purpose instead of throwing them away. For instance, a discarded breakfast tray, a stack of magazines, an old scarf, and a wooden chopping board can be assembled into a stool or side table. Re-purposing objects is also one of the interior design trends to watch out for in 2013. (image courtesy of

knitted home accents, knitted pillow coversBring Out Your Needles. Knitted and embroidered accents in the house are also in the trend this year. Those who are skilled in knitting and embroidery can use their talents to create table runners, rugs, pillow covers, etc. There are needlework magazines and internet sites that provide stylish patterns and useful tips which can be used for any project. (image courtesy of

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Explore Prints and Textures. Patterns, and writings on the walls or other surfaces can add character to your rooms. An ordinary homemaker can add these design elements in their home by a simple paint or stencil job. Create stripes, floral accents, or African prints on the columns or one side of the wall and add some pizzazz in the room. Given that wall writing is the current trend, one can paint an inspirational quote in the walls or their mantra on the ceiling of their work areas at home to motivate and energize them while working (image courtesy of