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If you have kids who spend most of their free time in the couch watching TV or playing their favourite video games; then it is time to bring them outside and get your kids involve in earth-friendly activities. Such type of activity will help in still the respect for the environment and the planet as a whole.

Encourage your kids to grow a garden. A vegetable garden will be a good start; you can ask your kids would want to plant in their vegetable garden. Then you can demonstrate to them how things are done and what other things are needed to be done in order to keep the plant healthy.

You can also do art crafts from your old cereal boxes. While you and your kids are being crafty, you can explain to them the importance of reusing or recycling materials instead of throwing them. As you teach your kids about the value of recycling you are also discovering the creative talents of your children.

You can also suggest in your kids’ school the essence of having environment-oriented activities and tours. Learning is not limited in the four corners of classroom. A stroll at the nearest park will make kids learn a lot about the environment.

As your children do these earth-friendly activities, do not forget to take tons of photos. Your kids will surely enjoy seeing themselves do the dirty job in gardening. Capture the memories for you and your family to cherish.