Inside your home, you will find a lot of stuff that seem to be useless. With a help of little creativity, you can come up with earth-friendly crafts out of these things. Doing crafts with your kids is also a great family activity; here are some simple craft ideas for your home:

  • Hotplate made of cork; simply gather all used wine bottle corks. Arrange them in circle depending on the size that you want the tighten them together using metal hose as clamp.
  • Create a beautiful quilt out of your scarves. Cut in the excess scarves inside your drawer in the same length and you sew them together.
  • Your old candles can create new candles too. Simply gather all your burnt candles and put them together inside a pot over a low flame. Melt them and add a little scented oil. Slowly pour melted wax in a bottle or can that will serve as candle molder.