Valentine’s Day is upon us once again, and it should come as no surprise that many a man has adorned his lady love with any girl’s best friend: diamonds. Sure, those blue diamond earrings look elegant and all, but have we even paused to think about the implications of diamond-mining on the environment?

Mining diamonds involves making huge holes in the earth, and it leads to the destruction of rivers surrounding the area. What’s left is a huge dead zone.

Man’s intellect has been put to good use, as a more eco-friendly alternative to diamonds has been created. These days, there are man-made diamonds. Yes, you no longer have to ruin the environment just to get those much-coveted blue diamonds.

The natural conditions of the earth’s bowels are recreated in order to form diamonds just like the real thing. Even with the amount of heat and energy this process needs, that still is nothing compared to the wide-scale devastation from mining.

So, the next time your man gives you diamond jewelry, think twice, and opt for the more earth-friendly ones.