[Image credit: Bounty.com]

We all know the importance of looking after our environment and trying our hardest to be eco-friendly and this shouldn’t have to stop the moment we become pregnant. Thankfully there are now a range of eco-friendly products out there for mums-to-be.

Eco friendly maternity wear is made of materials that are grown without excessive usage of chemicals and are materials that are easily renewed, materials such as Bamboo and organic cotton are the perfect choice for those of us that want to feel comfortable during our pregnancy but still be good to the environment.

Bamboo clothing is made out of bamboo grass which is naturally fast growing and doesn’t require much use of chemicals. The fabric is super-soft, floaty and stretchy, making it perfect through your pregnancy week-by-week and even after birth. Another great feature of this fabric is its insulating property which means it will keep you cool on warm days or nice and warm in those winter months.

Organic cotton garments are made with much less chemicals than regular cotton and, again, are super-soft and perfect for throughout your pregnancy.

The best thing about this is more and more shops are stocking these products so if you’re looking for your maternity wear make sure you do a little search for bamboo or organic cotton and keep helping our environment!