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Gardening is more than just having beautiful landscape or using garden gnome as a design. It does not matter whether your garden is large or small, you should focus on maintaining an eco-friendly garden. It may seem difficult to start an eco-friendly garden but actually it is not. To have an eco-friendly garden, here are some things that you should keep in mind

  • Use native plants in your garden. More often, the gardeners would opt to grow plants which are not native to their place. In doing this, there is a tendency to drive away indigenous plants which are essential in keeping the balance in nature.
  • Do not use chemical sprays. Although you want to kill the insects which are pestering your garden, the birds and butterflies are also affected in the process. These insects play important role in maintaining the balance in ecology, so as much as possible use only the natural pesticides.
  • You can use rain water for your plants; you can start collecting them in rain barrel. The rain water does not contain chemicals such as chlorine and would not cost you anything too. This is also a good method to help conserve water.