Protecting and preserving our environment has become one of the most pressing issues facing us today. When remodeling or updating a bathroom, using Eco-friendly options makes sense. They can save money and save the amount of water used in one room of the home that traditionally uses a lot of water. Conserving resources while keeping the bathroom stylish, comfortable and useful is a commendable goal.

eco-friendly materials

Eco friendly materials for the bathroom furniture

Remodeling and modernizing bathrooms adds value to homes and can add beauty and functionality. A good rule to follow is if bathroom fixtures are dated older than 1994, they should be updated. Elements found in Eco-friendly bathroom decorating include things like:

– Low-wattage lighting

– Furniture and cabinets made from Eco-friendly materials

– Sinks with low-flow faucets that help save water

– Flooring and wall decor in Eco-friendly materials

– Bathtubs crafted from Eco-friendly materials

– Eco-friendly toilets

Options In Eco-Friendly Toilets

There are several options available when choosing Eco-friendly toilets. Some excellent options are available like those found through Attractive options include:

– Dual flush toilets – Allow users to use less water with each flush and gives users options in how much water to use per flush. These generally feature two buttons, one for a very gentle flush for only liquids and a more powerful flushing option to dispose of solid waste.

– High efficiency toilets – Most of these toilet options use about 1.28 gallons of water with each flush. This is even less water than the amount used by low-flow toilets. These toilets come in a variety of single or dual flush options.

– Low-Flow Toilets – Traditionally these toilets use 1.6 gallons of water per flush or less.

Eco-Friendly Toilets Come in a Variety of Styles and Colors

A bathroom can be given an entirely new, beautiful look along with upgraded functionality by installing eco-friendly toilets. Options include traditional round bowls, elongated styles, square options and even new, trendy rectangular shapes. Individual style can be expressed with a great selection of toilets that can be found to blend perfectly into any decor.

Colors include traditional white, along with options for black, silver, beige, bone or ivory. Seats can be selected from choices of many styles, designs and colors, making the attractive decorating possibilities almost endless. By adhering to eco-friendly options, the environment can be improved for our future generations.

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