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A lot of people are becoming more eco-friendly by recycling, saving energy, and composting. However, in doing so, they neglect to include their backyard, which can be the most eco-friendly area of your home. If you are interested in making your backyard more eco-friendly, here are a few tips that are easy to do and, more importantly, are cost effective.

Plant more plants!

Plants are one of the most eco-friendly ways to dazzle up your garden. You can’t go wrong with flowers and garden beds and even hanging pots in your backyard. They’re an effective way of cleaning the toxins in the air, and they’re also nice to look at! Some popular low-maintenance and flourishing plants include lilac, Oregon grape, and tickseed, just to name a few.

Use solar-powered lighting

Many people do a lot of outdoor entertaining, so it is extremely important to have the best lighting available. There are dozens of outdoor lighting types that do not require the use of intrusive and annoying extension cords and light bulbs, with solar garden lanterns and backyard heaters, to name a couple. These can illuminate your garden in an aesthetically pleasing way, and are easily purchased through Target, Big W, Bunnings, and other backyard retailers, and more importantly don’t create a high electricity bill!

Use eco-friendly fertilizer

Eco-friendly fertilizer is easy to use, and is more nourishing for your backyard. and are two great companies that provide fantastic easy to use fertilizers at a generous price. If you are looking for a more natural fertilizer, why not create a compost? Composts are one of the most beneficial eco-friendly additions to your backyard and will save you money in the long run.

Use coffee grounds in your compost!

Coffee grounds are a little-known tool for enriching the soil and fertilizing your flowers. Tests show that the grounds contain phosphorus and potassium, a low-level source of nitrogen and also contain minor amounts of calcium, copper, magnesium, and other trace minerals like carbohydrates, sugars, and some vitamins that plants feed on. It is extremely easy to use coffee grounds as a fertiliser. Simply brew a pot of coffee, and then toss the grounds into your compost pile and sprinkle the mixture right on top of your flower beds before watering, it’s an excellent way to boost your garden and recycle waste, and you can easily store your fertiliser in the cupboard.

Use eco-friendly tools

These days, eco-friendly tools are more accessible, and are not just limited to certain high-priced stores. There a range of different ‘green’ tools available, such as biodegradable seeds, hand held mowers, and compostable garbage bags. Ask your local hardware store for eco-friendly tools, or do a quick online search.

Install a water fountain

Undoubtedly, the greatest resource for our garden is water. However, why not show it off using a beautiful traditional or modernised water fountain? Or alternatively a wall fountain? Fountains are a great addition to an otherwise plain backyard, and some are even solar-powered by the sun. Water fountains are price fairly reasonably, and solar- powered types give you the peace of mind that you are conserving energy, are contributing to a greener society.

Websites like have many eco-friendly ideas for your backyard, and by making just a few additions, you can transform your boring yard into a full-functioning, eco- friendly entertainment area that’s not only good for the environment, but good for the aesthetic appeal of your yard. Remember, don’t forget to buy some eco-friendly furniture for that relaxing backyard vibe!

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