Everyone is doing their part in preserving and saving the planet. More and more products are becoming eco-friendly such as toys. Who would have thought that some of your child’s favorite toy is not eco-friendly? Eco-friendly toys are a lot safer to play with; in fact we are somehow assured that our little ones are not exposed to toxic chemicals such as lead. If you want to give your little one an eco-friendly toy, here are some of the toy suggestions that you may want to consider:
• Books which are made from recycled papers and used soy-based ink are definitely eco-friendly. This type of book is certainly much safer compare to the traditional type.
• Yoyos and other toys made from natural wood blocks. Normally, these toys are painted with water-based paint.
• Puzzles are almost similar to books; it enhances the mind of your child. Choose a puzzle that is made of recycled paper too.
Shopping for toys can be overwhelming especially if you are with your little one. It is our responsibility as parents to ensure the safety of our kids. So choose toys that will not only help save the environment but will not put your child’s health at risk too.