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It’s Christmas time once again, but still we do not need to burden the environment during the season. Aside from giving alec bradley cigars to the man in your life, you also have the option to give your man an eco-friendly gift. You simply need to exert some effort and imagination to minimize the impact of the gifts you are going to give out.

One of the best eco-friendly gifts that you can give for him is an all natural shaving supplies. There are shaving creams which are made of organic aloe, peppermint and lavender. These products are free of dyes, harsh synthetics and alcohol-free too. It will free your skin from possible irritation.

You can also give him clothing apparels which are made from pesticide-free hemp, wool and organic cotton. These apparels may range from crew socks to shirts and even pants.

Do not forget to use eco-friendly gift wrapping papers too. Usually these wrappers are made of hemp or recycled paper. Although glossy foil may look good under your Christmas tree, avoid using them because it is quite difficult to recycle this kind of gift wrapper.