Truth be told, I am a tightwad- when it comes to electric bills, that is! I am obsessed with saving energy at home just to cut down on power bills. I make sure the TV and other appliances are turned off when not in use, I switch the lights off after my son has peacefully dozed off, etc. But I am almost at wits end, because no matter what measures I take at saving energy, I just can’t seem to get my electric bill down.

Reality check here: energy companies seem to make it a yearly habit to increase their prices. This year alone, prices of gas and electricity have gone up twice already. Gas prices by British Gas, E.ON, and Scottish & Southern Electric have shot up by as much as 18%, and electricity by 16%. Looking at these statistics makes me weak in the knees, knowing that my future electric bills won’t look too promising.

Thank heavens for HomeSun. HomeSun is a company bent on harnessing sustainable energy from the sun with the use of solar panels. It aims to help households save save money on electricity bills by using solar energy to power your home. What happens is the solar panels which are fixed onto the roof are wired to a small inverter which converts solar electricity into household/grid electricity. electricity flows from this inverter, through a solar meter to your existing fuse box. The result? A house powered with energy from the sun.


I have always wanted free solar panels installed in our home, but I’m not quite sure if in this part of the globe, there is a company which caters to such a service. Imagine the huge amount of savings this would bring my family! We’ll have more money left over to spend on other things, instead of all of our earnings going to those wealthy power companies! For the meantime, my family and I will just try our best to live a sustainable life.

This may be the best gift I can pass on to my son.

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