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Nature tripping is one of the best ways to expose yourself and your kids to the beauty of nature. In fact eco-tour is a good way to promote environmental awareness. It teaches kids about ecology and its importance to maintain the balance of all living things here on Earth.

If there is no eco-tour available, a simple visit at the park is also an environment friendly activity. That is if you will teach your kids to be responsible when it comes to their rubbish. When going to a protected park, make it appoint that you stick with the rules and regulations. When your kids see you obeying rules even if no one is looking, you also impart this very important value to them.

You and your kids can support any environmental conservation project within your community. You can either provide monetary donations to support their cause. Or better yet, encourage your kids to help in information dissemination campaign.

These activities will definitely help in conserving the environment. It is also a worthy family bonding activity that your kids will always remember.