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The floors in your home are the most abused parts of your house. Those in your hallway, your living room, and your kitchen are the ones that are most prone to nicks, dings, scratches, and other damages. If you have an attic and a basement, you might find your floors in these areas prone to water and moisture damage as well. To keep your floors looking new all the time, you have to use the right flooring material and you have to take care of them properly. The tips are pretty basic: choose more durable materials in high traffic areas and regularly do maintenance work.

One of the most popular choices in floor material is hardwood. Hardwood floors are beautiful and quite easy to care for. There are also engineered types of hardwood flooring that have been treated and are more durable than natural hardwood. A good sweep every day is necessary to get all the dirt and grit off your hardwood floors. You also have to take care not to use a wet mop on your hardwoods as the moisture could cause your floor’s finish to dull. To prevent scratches, avoid dragging heavy items on your hardwood floors or walking with shoes that have sharp heels. It would be a good idea to use carpets and rugs to protect your hardwood floor. Check for rugs with fabric and backing that do not cause floor discoloration.

Another popular option these days are bamboo and cork floors. These are environment-friendly options that are best for green homes. They usually come in tiles and planks and can easily be installed over any other type of existing flooring. These types of flooring are used as a “warmer” alternative to stone floors or marble tiles. They come in a variety of patterns to suit any homeowner’s tastes. Choose those that are finished with top coat protection to boost the durability of these flooring options. Just like hardwoods, make sure that you sweep your bamboo or cork floors daily to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating. They may look harmless to you but these particles can scratch your flooring much like a sandpaper does.

There are many other flooring options available in various home depots and flooring specialty stores. Get professional advice from flooring experts to get the best possible flooring type for the different rooms in your house. They should also be able to give you advice on how to regularly maintain any type of floor. They might even be able to offer regular maintenance services for professional floor cleaning.

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