Football in the United States has exploded into massive phenomena. There are strong reasons to believe that football will soon replace baseball as America’s pastime if it hasn’t already. You can relax and enjoy the home team scrimmage from the comfort of your couch or pump yourself up for the high-voltage excitement of the Super Bowl. If the regular pro games aren’t enough the NCAA college, the international, and arena football leagues can provide excitement year round. Why not spice up the game with a wager?

Football remains one of the easiest sports to bet on. The moneyline forms the basis of almost every bet. It has a three digit number with a positive and negative sign. A positive number tells the bettor how much they will win on a hundred dollar bet. A moneyline of +120 means they win 120 dollars on a 100 dollar bet for a total 220. A mark of -130 means that a bettor must bet 130 dollars to win 100 dollars for a total 230. Many bets also have a spread. The favored team will have a handicap like -3. These means that their will have a -3 taken off their final score. Therefore, if the New Orleans Saints with a handicap of -3.5 play the Detroit Lions and the final score is 21 to 18, those who bet on the Saints would lose because they failed to “beat the spread.” If you can’t bring yourself to bet against the home team, most Sports book sites allow bets on the score. They give you a number for the total points of the game and you may bet if the total will be over or under that number. In addition, some offer side bets on things like the coin flip, the shortest touchdown, and just about anything else one could imagine.