One of the advantages of having a garden in your backyard is being able to get fresh flower decors in your house all the time. A wicker basket full of flowers can look good in your kitchen if arranged nicely like flowers delivered by online flower shops. If you are skilled in flower arrangement then your floral bouquets would make a great gift for special occasions.
Not every one has interest in floral arrangements but if you have ready resources on hand why not give it a try and learn a new skill. Who knows you might be growing a new skill along with the flowers in your garden. You can try it out by arranging flowers on a vase for your mantle, living room and dinner table centerpiece. If you’re feeling whimsical then try it in a recycled tissue box for the bathroom. Once you get the hang of it then it can turn into a full time hobby or a new career.
Flower arrangement can be a relaxing hobby that nurtures your creativity. It can also be a venue for you to express yourself through artistic arrangements. You may want to go to flower shops to get some bouquet ideas and interpret it using the flower varieties in your garden. They are great sources of inspiration and ideas for floral bouquets for different occasions. You can also check out some do-it-yourself books and videos to help you get started.
If you want to take flower arrangement to the next level then you may want to consider enrolling in seminars or short courses for it. Some flower shops also have flower schools that can take you through the basics of flower care, material selection and contemporary designs. With some practice your budding florist career might bloom into a full time career in no time.