Do you know someone who’s graduating this year? Do you already have a gift perfect for him or her? There are actually many things we can give to our loved ones who just finished a stage in their lives and are bound to face new challenges.

Be it for leveling up to high school or building a new career, you can find a perfect graduation gift for your loved ones at Lazada Philippines. There are so many items to choose from in this great online shop but one item caught my eye. I think it’s the best choice and will not only benefit the graduate but his or her entire family as well. It’s the Koii Power Juicer.

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Power juicer, to keep the graduate healthy

Let the graduate make all his favorite fresh juices with this powerful juicer and give him energy and good health. Since the graduates have different activities, their energy requirement also differ from each other. The little graduate spends hours in playing so replenish his thirst more. Let him enjoy his favorite fruit juices and put in a small amount of his not so favorite vegetable to let him stay healthy. For the teens, give them brain food juices to keep them alert and focused with their studies. And for the yuppies, power them up with energy juices to fight stress and enjoy the fruits of their hard work.

Living green is eating healthy so make this great tool a part of the graduate’s kitchen, and yours too.