Have you heard of bamboo sheets which you can use on your Modern Platform bed ? Although it is considered as the most luxurious bed sheet, it has other benefits aside from being just eco-friendly. They help fight germs by not allowing moisture to form, thus preventing bacteria growth. No wonder it is more pricey compared to the regular bed sheet. Another environmentally friendly furnishing which you can use in the bedroom are recycled paper lamp shades partnered with energy-efficient LED light bulbs which will not look out of place atop your Modern table. Not only will you be able to save energy, LED bulbs typically last longer, allowing you to use your recycled lamp shade for a longer period of time.

Some people like to place a sofa in their bedroom, and the option to go green is not lost in this particular furnishing as well. Eco-friendly fabrics are now used to upholster a Modern Sofa , although like the bamboo sheets, they are costlier to purchase. If you have the means, then why scrimp on your furniture expenses when these products are environmentally friendly?