Looking for an economical and green family car is not as easy as it seems. One has to consider fuel efficiency that would save the family some fuel expenses and environmental friendliness that would leave as little carbon footprint as possible. Moreover, one also has to consider the car’s style. A family car must be something that a dad, a mom, and even teens in the family can drive without being embarrassed of how it looks. Then there’s also the factor of affordability where we have to consider a tight budget with all the household expenses and mortgage payments already eating up a chunk of the household income. Toyota understands the plight of the average family and designed the perfect family car – the Toyota hybrid Prius.

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The hybrid Prius family has been a longstanding high point for Toyota. It has led the industry in terms of environmentally conscious travel, pricing and practicality. Since the addition of the Prius v compact MPV/station wagon, Toyota has gone even further with practicality. The utility of a reliable station wagon for the average family is impossible to overstate.

After a little time behind the wheel, it’s easy to see why the “v” stands for “versatility.” The car’s design is exceptionally aerodynamic, with a number of ideas implemented to improve air flow while also being roomier than other cars in its class. As expected in a hybrid, the fuel economy is excellent, averaging 42 miles per gallon between city and highway driving. Just like other Prius models, the car rides smoothly and outperforms other hybrids in ease of passing and climbing hills.

Buyatoyota.com’s Prius v deals make it the perfect time to make the leap to a hybrid for families looking to go green without overspending. Offers include excellent APR rates, maintenance and roadside assistance and even lease bonus cash. With its strong fuel economy, low emissions and strong safety ratings, the Prius v makes an excellent buy for a family car or even a teenager’s first vehicle.

Image credit: mein-elektroauto.com