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Most of the people spend their waking hours inside their offices rather than their own home. Hence, making your home green is not sufficient, simply because a huge part of the consumption of energy and other materials happen in the work place. So whether you work as a boss in one of those tall buildings in the business district or you work as a counsellor in one of the addiction treatment centers; you can make your daily grind eco-friendly.

  • Save energy. You can do that by turning off computers and other office equipment when not in use; you can also activate the sleep mode so that it would not consume too much energy.
  • Save on paper. If possible use both sides of the paper when printing or instead of shredding the misprinted pages use them as scratch papers.
  • Use eco-friendly office supplies. Soy-based inks are the best alternatives. You are not only going to save the environment but you are also going to save money too because they are much cheaper.
  • Save fuel. Your office can offer incentive to carpoolers to encourage people to carpool instead of bringing their own cars. This will not only help with problems in air pollution but will save you any issues regarding parking spaces too.