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Let the bright and sunny look of the summer season get into your homes with a few simple changes in the home décor. The warm and welcoming tones of summer can make any house a great place to hang-out in or entertain friends. Here are some ideas that can make a home look and feel like a summer villa or a beach house.

Switch from drapes to curtains. Take down the dark and heavy draperies and replace them with a combination of light and sheer curtains. The light materials of summer curtains help keep the shade away while making room for the soft summer breeze to get inside the house. Sheer curtains can also be placed at the center of the windows, with light curtains bordering each side, to bring the natural light into the room and save on electricity in the process.

Welcome the summer colors in. Remove the dark and muted tones of autumn and winter furnishings and use bright and airy colors of spring and summer in the living areas. A simple change in slip covers, rugs, curtains and some small decorative pieces can help transform a living room from a dark and stuffy one into a bright and colorful space.

Bring-in an Outdoor look in the Living room. The spring and summer seasons are mostly about enjoying the outdoors. Maximize outdoor enjoyment without spending too much time out in the sun by bringing-in some outdoor furnishings inside or creating a rustic look with furnishings made from natural materials like bamboo, jute, hemp, or rattan, and bringing in some plants and flowers inside.

The summer holidays may be great for out of town trips or a beach outing, but there is no reason to miss out on enjoying the summer season right in your own homes with these home décor ideas.

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